Friday, September 10

Mom 2.0: Defining A Movement

A Beautiful video about motherhood posted by blogger Lisa Porter
What I love about Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all the amazing people whom I have met and their spirits shining through in their posts. My friend Lisa Porter regularly creates inspiring stories and photographs that often seem aligned with my sentiments. This is so appropriate to tag along with my September topic of how we cherish kids in the home. A beautiful video Lisa posted about motherhood and how important our kids are to us. Check it out and stop by Lisa's blog when you get a chance for a dose of more goodness....


Renae said...

Tears in my eyes....beautiful.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for including me!Your words are too kind.
You are so right, we have found some really remarkable women through "social networking."
You are also right about this being a season of change in more ways than one.
I look forward to more of September now.
xo Lisa

Anonymous said...

running over to Lisa's blog now-what a touching video. sincerely Charlotte M.

Anonymous said...

you have a great deal going on for September but I love video and it made my day, week, month. I will run over to Lisa's blog post now and read more. My son, the chef, is impressed with all the cooking going on over at Nest this month and your kids are talented. caroline

pve design said...

Big fat wet tears!!!
I loved it, so moving and we all need to be moved to find the courage, to be brave and to embrace our own gifts.