Sunday, October 17

a dog's life - a look at a talented photographer

Garry Gross 235 West 4th Street New York, New York 10014 212/807-7141 There are many talented photographers in the world today, however, the interesting canine photography by Garry Gross caught my eye. His poignant work captures man's best friend in a unique way that I haven't seen before. Garry photographs by appointment in his New York City studio. Dog lovers who do not have thier own pet may purchase prints from his website. Garry is excited about a new project he is creating: a fifty image series of Senior Dogs. Once this is complete Garry would like to see his collection showcased in a gallery, with possibly a book created. He plans to donate the proceeds to help Senior Dog Rescues.

"I do studio photographs of dogs against an elegantly minimal backdrop, using my experience as a fashion and beauty photographer to exalt the beauty in each dog's expression, gaze and face. I shoot big and encourage my clients to think about hanging big prints as a riveting focal point, or using a pair of two different medium sized prints to create a dynamic counterpoint."


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Tamara, what a beautiful post. I was really touched by your mom's life, as it seems she lived a true and happy life doing the real things that are so meaningful. It certainly had an effect on you and taught you to value more than the distractions that can come our way when success hits. I also grew up with a gardening mom and she was the one who taught me how to make a slipcover and how to hang wallpaper and repair a window's weight cords to make them go up and down...I am sure you miss her very much.
Your photog this post is an interesting guy and being that I love dogs and have a rescue myself, I really loved reading about this too.

Anonymous said...

what touching photographs, and to capture these dogs in their later years is beautiful. Thank you Tamara for another creative post on incorporating art in the home. I am enjoying all the information you put forth in October. totally art inspired - Jennifer B.

Poochie Freak Photography said...

Beautiful photographs.

I am part of a small charity in the UK which rescues and rehomes older dogs, so look forward to seeing the result of the senior dogs project :-)


Anonymous said...

I work with rescue animals and this touches my heart. So happy I found this and it makes my day. I love Nest - Charlene Walsh

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

These are beautiful photos. Makes me want to get another pooch.

Renae said...

I am enjoying so much your featured artists. Art in the home is so tricky and finding one's personal 'style' is sometimes daunting.
The photographs of these sweet pooches are heartwarming and what a wonderful cause.