Wednesday, February 2

Fashion, Friends and Faucets!

This amazing invitation came to me....
An exciting week
 - a trifecta of inspirations -


I'd like to take a moment to tell you about a fun and exciting project I'll be involved in beginning today Wednesday, February 9.  I opened my inbox a few weeks ago to a pleasant surprise, a gracious invitation from the award winning faucet brand company Brizo offering to sponsor me along with 19 other design bloggers in New York City for a three day event during Fashion Week.  Brizo is generously paying our expenses, hotels, hosting us a dinner and finishing off the week with a glimpse of Jason Wu’s upcoming collection at his runway show during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  After the show, Brizo will host a festive cocktail party in our honor where we will have the opportunity to meet Jason in person. Wow! This combines three of my favorite activities together.  

You may ask what a faucet company is doing involved with a hot fashion designer, but as history has illustrated, lots.  There is a natural paring here with the classic lines and finishes from Brizo's collection.  They create cutting edge products, yet anchor their designs with a classic sensibility.  I may go out on a limb here to suggest that just maybe Jason is toying with the concept of creating a home line, and from the looks of his successful career already, anything is possible.


As a young 27 year old designer, Jason has much to boast about, and namely that he has dressed the First Lady Michelle Obama.  He possesses that rare combination of "fire in his belly" with almost indescribable talent. There are many up and coming designers, but it often takes years to articulate their vision. What I love about his recent collections are the classic lines, but with a twist of  beautiful silhouettes that seem to harken to a bygone era and ring fresh with beautiful colors!  Check out Jason's website here for a complete look at his work and background.

Now I only have one question...what will I wear to his show?


Brizo is bringing us into the fold of this 3-day event, and they've chosen an eclectic mix of designers and architects to share their timely new product development ideas.  They have organized this type of a project succesfully before, and the design bloggers whom I've spoken with that participated, are smitten. We will enjoy an exclusive full day symposium of meeting the Brizo product design team and receive an exclusive sneak peek at their upcoming kitchen and bath products. 

Can you say sexy faucets?

Well, they came to the right place with me because I love details of home design as much as I love clothing and at the risk of sounding a little nerdy, maybe more.  The details are the foundations, and I am passionate about writing on the subject daily.  Brizo's fashion-forward designs are enticing -- check out their website here.  We designers are always looking for good quality products, and I am currently working on two residential projects replacing tiles, plumbing and fixtures.  Wow! the kitchen and bath products have changed markedly from several years back, and it is refreshing to see a group of new materials for bathrooms and kitchens such as ceramic, glass and various metals.  Brizo has great quality items and offers a variety of styles to choose from -- I look forward to learning more about them next week. 


Something we bloggers have figured out is the power of collaboration, and these online friendships are solidified when we get the opportunity to meet each other in person and share ideas.  I have written about this before on Nest, and one familiar trait I find with fellow bloggers is innovative thinking while demonstrating and a special kind of collaborative nature. Worrying about your competition is, well, so last decade. What is state of the art in blogging is working together coming up with creative ideas on how to support the community we write about and stay on the cusp of curent trends and ideas to keep our viewers up to date. The past two years I have been involved in a whirlwind of events like this upcoming Brizo project.  We have already created a hashtag title for our collaboration -- #brizofw -- so stop over to Twitter and see what we're dishing. 

See below the list of the other bloggers I will be collaborating with on the project. It looks to be a fun group of designers and others in the industry.  I've listed their Twitter names and links but all have fabulous websites, blogs and facebook fan pages as well. They will be coming from all corners of the country and Canada.  The schedule looks full and exciting and I'll keep you posted as it unfolds. 

 Here are some of us on Twitter:


and me @nestnestnest
our fabulous sponsor @brizo

and three other bloggers attending:

Sean Culman of Solutions -  San Francisco
Richard W. Herb -  West Hollywood, CA
Kymberly Weiner - Connecticut

 a trifecta of goodies -
Faucets, Fashion & Friendship! 

 xo Tamara


Raina Cox said...

Very much looking forward to meeting you next week, Tamara!

Marcy said...

Tamara, it was great to see you this week!

Have a terrific time with a great group of people at the events next week. I look forward to hearing about it.

quintessence said...

What fun!! Love Jason Wu's designs - it will be a great show to see - I'm hoping to go myself!

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

How so exciting!!!

Also, would love hear more about your blogger project... need to hop over to Twitter!!!


Jennifer Duchene said...

so fabulous Tamara, cant wait to read all about it. Its true foundation and good bones are so important, no matter the subject.

Jennifer Duchene
Home Makeover Mixtress blending Lifestyle and Laughter

plumbing said...

This is great! I hope I will be given a chance to see this.