Monday, December 19

Countdown to Christmas Day 19: pick up these delectable treats for your holiday snacking

Delight your friends and family with your Holiday entertaining by picking up a box of these tasty little crackers --
they pair beautifully
with a delicate cheese,
brie or camembert perhaps? 
These little wonders will surprise you with their delicate crisp texture but complicated flavors. My good friend Jan makes them in her kitchen
in Stowe, Vermont.
Jan's Farmhouse Crisps
were featured in

meet my friend Jan -- owner and baker of
Jan's Farmhouse Crisps
I featured Jan and her talent as a baker and potter, together with her creative aesthetic in her Vermont kitchen two years ago here on Nest

I'm awed by her creativity and when we were college students she was the only person our age I knew that could whip up a fresh batch of homemade bread.  Now Jan has taken her cooking talents to another level as the creator of
Jan's Farmhouse Crisps --
these crispy little bites are worthy of the tongue wagging because they are delicious, yet delight with complicated flavors and are oh so scrumptuous.