Sunday, January 22

My Vote on HGTV magazine's latest issue, which just arrived at my doorstep!

HGTV Magazine’s
Feb/March issue hit newsstands nationwide
January 17! 

Thank you
HGTV magazine
for reaching out to me
and sending me a copy to peruse. 

I love the colors used on the cover --
who doesn't love blue and yellow combined?
The easy-to-read format
the authentic editorials put this magazine
on the top of my reading list. 
Beginning on page 5
with the
hot pink front door,
I am a captive audience. 

I love the fresh approach the magazine is taking,
and it is quite helpful to offer up this visual,
yet follow up with all the sources from the door, paint name and number
(one of my favorites by Fine Paints of Europe), to front door mat. 
The magazine takes print medium to the next level by sharing all the details of how to attain this look. 
you may remember I wrote about my passion for
on Nest recently.  Because of the superb quality of this luxuriously thick paint, I usually only apply one coat when painting furniture with FPE.
 I transformed a 1940s chipped dressing table with a glossy, mint green sheen (color is called Vreeland)
from Fine Paints of Europe.

On page 10 The Cover Star section shows the same bed made up in various color color palettes.  I plan to participate in the
"Win Our Cover Bed" giveaway,
and hope you will as well.   Take note:  the contest began Friday, January 20, and you can enter to win the headboard, mattress set and bedding which all appear on the cover. 
go to
to enter.
photo courtesy of the
and this zigzag rug (Chevron) uses high style concepts
and offers it up for a bargain at

Other fun sections include Bank For Your Buck on page 64
where the magazine has clearly sourced stylish bargain items for the home.  I love the zigzag rug (Chevron pattern) from and the very modern architecture-like bird feeder from  I'll be certain to check back here again soon.

Next stop on the HGTV magazine tour:
a fun glimpse of Genevieve Groder's NYC brownstone,
 and unlike other magazine's formats with super edited and glossy pictures we are brought into this HGTV lifestyle host's home in a way that feels real, as if we stopped over for dinner. 

I enjoy the real estate section of Which House Has Your Name On It because it brings real-life homes into the shelter magazine realm, showing readers all the possibilities based upon budgets.  It's about time a magazine incorporates the real estate market and their considerations when looking at interior design because as this ever changing market ebbs and flows so do our design considerations. 

It certainly doesn't hurt to hear from Curb Appeal's hunky Chip Wade
and what advice he wields on everyday household issues...
right ladies?  It's hard to decipher when to hire a professional and when to try and Do-It-Yourself and Chip's advice proves quite helpful because with all the DIY philosophies running amok, we all know sometimes we can get into a lil' trouble if we get in over our head.

All in all I give HGTV magazine a top rating,
yet wouldn't it just be perfect if they added one more column? 

I vote for an interior design blogger's section called
Design Blogger On The Move
where the magazine brings in the honed and on-point views
from talented bloggers who are providing much fodder to the industry.

Can't you just picture it?
A Design Blogger On The Move column
where HGTV magazine readers
follow design bloggers on their daily musings

Design Blogger On The Move:
 reporting on London Design Festival at the Chelsea Design Center
Design Blogger On The Move:
shopping the NYC wholesale flower market
Design Blogger On The Move:
interviewing fabric designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd
at the Hampton Designer Show house

let me know what you think on Twitter @nestnestnest

Bravo HGTV
hope you can pick up this issue of

HGTV magazine