Friday, April 20

Check out this chic home furnishings and accessories shop in Soho - Flair New York City

Do you know
It is a  chic home and accessory shop
in Soho, New York City. 
I am loving this boutique,
nestled in a lovely street amongst other design related shops,
Flair NYC is owned by
George Nunno and Jon Maroto. 
With long and successful careers in fashion,
they offer up a unique "flair" to an already artistically-rich neighborhood.
The shop melds together the artistic history of the neighborhood,
the sophistication of vintage European furnishings,
and quirky contemporary classics.
Since 2008, the two have been scouting wares from select
European and US fairs and markets to offer up promising,
cozy yet sophisticated vignettes showcasing the furniture, accessories and art.

With it's origins in Florence, Italy, Flair was founded 10 years ago by the husband and wife team of Franco Mariotti and Alessandra Tabacchi. Flair is located in the Piazza Goldoni in Florence, with shops in Milan and Rome as well.  
Because of their friendship with the couple,
Nunno and Maroto decided to bring Flair
to New York City. 
 It's obvious these gentleman have honed their eye in the fashion world,
and it's a delight to take in the flawless editing and stylizing
in each corner of the shop. 
There seems something for everyone -- 
the modernist, the traditionalist. 
But, it is how they bring it all together
in the shop,
and balanced against charcoal-colored walls,
that makes one realize the value of good bones
and quality products in design. 

The pieces are from different eras, countries and sensibilities.

I look forward to popping in with my clients to scoop up
some of these unique pillows,
made from vintage fashion suiting and fabrics. 
Who wouldn't want to nestle up to a pair of pillows,
formerly a Chanel suit?
 the vignettes look straight out of a movie set or
from one of those toney NYC boutique store windows
I drool over on Madison Avenue -
enough to inspire tall dreams of "nesting"
this shop affirms my love for design. 

The unique framed works composed
in interesting groupings,
gives fodder for hanging art as well.
With spring upon us, it's window shopping season in New York,
so hope the next time you are in the neighborhood
 you stop into to see what they have cooking up at
Flair, NYC
88 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-1750