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Tamara Stephenson Interior Design; root cellar designs, LLC
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Sunday, June 23

Holiday House hits the Hamptons, an all-white gala kicks off the festivities

Mabley Handler's design inspired by Breast Cancer Research logo
Holiday House Hamptons Gala:  summer begins in the Hamptons with a beautiful turn out of designers and friends to support this very worthwhile cause to advance the research and in the hopes of curing breast cancer.  Please read my highlights of last evening's Hampton Holiday House Press Preview.  Also, check out party pictures of many talents who came to support the event on the IFDA NY blog


the acrylic cut coffee table is perfect for outdoor entertaining.


Mabley Handler design duo (and husband and wife) created a gorgeous day room.  Jennifer and Austin added whimsy in the details and colors, yet provided a soothing sitting room for their holiday, IN BY MEMORIAL DAY.  Many designers in the Hamptons live and abide by client's desires to move into their beach house just in time for Memorial Day, and we appreciate the sentiment.  The blue color woven throughout the room, with a lavender hue anchors the space.  Interesting lighting, a painted ceiling and AERIN for Lee Jofa new fabric collection by Aerin Lauder is all put together in a sophisticated and warm fashion.

 Another favorite cozy space downstairs was designed by Design House.  Tucked in the back is this special Ladies Lounge chock-filled with detailed, quality designs and rich layering of fabrics, some vintage pieces while other fabrics from their own collection. 

Design House team took a small closet area and created a charming respite with layers of pillows and upholstery. Since the space is in the lower level, the designers commissioned a unique art installation outside the window, creating an instant view.

One of my very favorites spaces in the house is
Marshall Watson's A Midsummer Night' Dream,
The Swedish Summer Solstice Bedroom
"The summer solstice suffuses this shimmering restful retreat.  Judy Mulligan’s English oil glazed walls in a rich buttercup, feature stenciled words from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream—words that actually redefine the architecture of the room by creating “printed mouldings.”  The Swedish translation that fills the inner panels, confirms the lovers’, Hermia and Lysander, proclamation of romance.  Perfect for a summer solstice bedroom!"  Marshall Watson

 I love the pristine and meticulous attention to detail in Watson's bedroom

 Marshall Watson showcases his extraordinary talent in his Shakespeare-inspired bedroom with a myriad of scalloped shapes and layers of textures and materials, from felt to cashmere.  The sunny, golden yellow casts a warmth throughout the entire bedroom and shows off his gorgeous new furniture collection and the intricate fabrics utilized. 

these two professional photographs provided by Marshall Watson.  Please look for a story in my East End Nest column in Dan's Papers magazine over. Fourth of July weekend for more details about Watson's designs

 the prose of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream are painted throughout the walls of the bedroom.  The detailed felt rug adds charm. The large painted mirror (Watson painted himself) rounds out the space well.

 Tamara Magel's Beach Chic laundry room is exotic and colorful with the addition of one of her wallpapers lining the space, and inspires one to spend time while washing linens.  Magel showed me her brand new clothing line, which is a collection of fine leather cut out dresses, wrap dresses and summer tunics all featuring her very own fabric collection.  

 James Huniford designed a masculine, serene sitting area just off the back patio.  Creative hanging upholstered seating area, Huniford utilizes a mixture of vintage and modern pieces to create an interesting space.

 Thom Filicia's homage to summer is a fun,  lively room that has many details and rich styling

 love love the layering of rugs and fabrics in Filicia's room


the bar overlooking Filicia's space was stocked perfectly for busy summer entertaining

Designer Libby Langdon's Navy Day upstairs hallway is festive and nautical in feel.  Langdon showed me her brand new wallpaper line (peel and stick removable wallpaper makes for easy application) and in several new, fresh patterns this collection makes using wallpaper easier than ever.  Examples of Langdon's rug collection line the upstairs hallway.

There is much to see at the house, and I hope you get to stop in and see for yourself! For more information check out the  Holiday House website
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara