Tuesday, June 11

Personal Note From My Nest...


& a little one grows
up before my eyes

My first week off from Nest
since I started penning the blog in 2008. 
Here's why...
Well, here it is five years later from the very first post I finished writing, editing then published.  I continue to enjoy all the design and lifestyle musings, and yes it is certainly lots of work to create interesting full stories two or three times per week, but I love it!.  At the center of this lil' blog about creating a beautiful, cultured and well-lived in nest has always been my two wonderful awe-inspiring children. my devoted husband and my sweet-natured dog, Bridget. 
My daughter Gabby worked so diligently in the early days helping me create my blog, following me around dutifully taking every last photograph.  She really is a talented young lady, and her eye for photography mirrors her artist side as a dancer, a chef, a painter and her warmth and intuitiveness with animals and now as a scientist.  We captured everything in our paths -- antique shows, our cooking expeditions and gabby's equestrian events around the country.  I even showcased our 18th wedding anniversary when both Gabby and Miles cooked and served us a 9 course dinner -- wow who does that at 15 and 11 years old, right?  It was Gabby's idea and with her lovely, adoring side kick Miles, they did an amazing job.  They even decorated the dining room with shrines of photos and relics from our wedding on Martha's Vineyard with twinkling candles and mementos everywhere.  The food was ambitious but delicious.  The huge mess was left for Ran and I, but we happily cleaned it up and cherish those memories. 

Today, I type on the morning of her graduation day from high school with a momentary loss for words about design, cooking, hosting fabulous events because I am completely happy and overwhelmed that my little girl has grown up right here before our eyes, and yes here on the blog as well.  She has had quite an unusual experience growing up in New York City but at a small all-girls school, and in the same school since kindergarten - she is like a small town girl in an urban sprawl.
 When I started writing "Nest by Tamara" I was in the throes of raising two children and in addition to capturing my passion and career in interior design I caught the daily life of them growing up as well.  The blog became a passion and everyone in the family chipped in to help.  My philosophy on the blog has always been live in your home with ease, yet incorporate a sense of style and joy into all the gatherings, meals and weekends.  Nothing is too precious to sit upon or use, so break out the fine china!  So many of my design clients have felt they had to stop living in their home to accommodate children, and fearful of decorating out of worry it will get ruined.  So many people want to wait until they have it all to decorate and really live in their home and enjoy, and I say don't wait and live now.  Growing up with a single parent who was an artist and on a tight budget, my mother taught me how to make a beautiful, happy home with little resources and to live in the moment.  So, I say live life and enjoy each and every occasion, so what if something breaks because it is all very fleeting, and after all a little patina on a home makes it even more beautiful.   It's all about creating wonderful moments and all those cherished memories! 
Now, as I dress to leave for Gabby's graduation from high school (did I mention Anna Wintour, the Editor of Vogue magazine is commencing the graduation speech...so, I am fretting about the outfit) Gabby will soon be off and leaving to attend Cornell University as a freshman to study medicine -- I know we have done a good job because she is not only funny, graceful, smart and beautiful but she is a happy person who is comfortable and confident with herself.  I think much of this outcome (the funny and confident part) is that we have strived to create a happy "nest" and a place to come home to at the end of a busy, sometimes stressful day that has a nice vibe.  In addition to creating a pretty home, we created a happy place.   

Miles still has some growing, so you'll be seeing more posts soon with his help, and Gabby's not shaking me completely because I'll be musing about college life...so, please look for all the dorm decorating, collegiate architecture, antiques around Ithaca posts I can conjure up, but for today I want to express how much I appreciate and value writing about it all, knowing that people are enjoying it.  I am over the moon that it has all been captured here permanently for my kids to read and re-read when they are grown. 
Nobody tells you how hard it will be to let go of your children because you love them so much with every fiber. (well, my mother used to try, but I thought she was being melodramatic).  You were right mom (aren't moms always right?)  I know it is going to be absolutely amazing for Gabby and for us, but for now I need a week off from the blog to enjoy with my family, rejoice, wipe my tears and get ready for the next big ride.
Happy Happy graduation to my beautiful daughter,
Gabriella Alice Stephenson. 
Look out world because here she comes!


Gabby and horses

 first day of kindergarten

Congratulations Gabs!
Happy Nesting XO


Lisa @ The Lisa Porter Collection said...

Tears, laughter, and joy! That's what daughters give to us. Such a beautiful post Tamara ~ dedicated to your family in honor of a sweet baby girl who has grown into a beautiful young woman.
Congratulations Gabby and good job Mom & Dad!
Have a beautiful day!
xo Lisa

dervla @ The Curator said...

wow, congratulations to you and your family. What a lovely tribute.

Ingo Schaer said...

Awww. so sweet! Thank's for sharing Tamara, you have a lovely family =)