Friday, October 4

a soothing, lovely color choice--Benjamin Moore's 2014 Color of the Year--A Breath of Fresh Air

 Nest by Tamara's philosophical musings 
A Breath of Fresh Air 
chosen as the 2014 Color of the Year
Benjamin Moore's Breath of Fresh Air color #806
With all the vivid colors that have been championed in the design world in recent past, it is refreshing to note that Benjamin Moore's 2014 color choice is, well, for a lack of a better phrase, "A Breath of Fresh Air".  This soothing color reminds me of fresh laundry, a spring day and the underside of a beautiful robin's egg.  It's soft, pastel and a whisper of color.  
This choice makes me pontificate for a moment after reading the morning news, and noting all of our collective knickers are twisted as we wrangle heavy issues from health care to government shut down issues...then I'm transported back to the ethereal color of choice, and I am soothed!  
It feels as if we are in pursuit of a little quiet and healing.  This brings me to a very important note about interior design, decorating and the "nesting" topics I often contemplate here on the blog, and takes me back to my design philosophy and why I write this blog to begin with:  I strongly believe our home should be our safe haven, our respite, and the very place we nestle in from the world to find comfort, inspiration and to recharge.  Let's choose our furnishings, colors, fabrics and accessories wisely as we venture forth to create this important nest in our lives.  Please try not to become bogged down with trendy ideas and what is "in style" when decorating your home because it is not a dress that comes off at the end of the day, but it is in fact an extension of our very essence, thoughts and desires that simply do not change with fashion.

Thank you Benjamin Moore for reminding us 
of the importance of tapping into that calm, 
and thank you for 
"A Breath of Fresh Air".

by the way, 
if you have not stopped into Benjamin Moore's gorgeous new showroom 
at the D&D Building (with sweeping views of New York City and a lovely, expansive eye candy display of their color chips), run over now...I promise you will leave inspired to paint something in your life! 

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara