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Nest by Tamara's TOP TEN New Year Resolutions For A Healthy Lifestyle in 2015

Nest by Tamara's 
Top 10 Tips to Inspire 
Health & Wealth of the Soul in 2015
The ball drop in Time Square two weeks ago  signals the beginning of a new year, and with that there are oodles of new year resolutions made.  Promises of putting our collective best feet forward, to stay healthy inside and out, good inside and out and give back to our community.  This is especially poignant to us this year considering all the turmoil surrounding us all over the world. Resolutions are a time to be optimistic about the future.  With all these meaningful thoughts many are hopeful while keeping an eye towards making the world a better place.  Let's raise our glass of wheat grass to these notions, and take a look at Nest by Tamara's Ten Tips to follow...
1. Find Meaningful Ways To Give Back  
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Take A Seat chair charity auction for IFDA NY chapter
Giving to our community is on many people's minds, and it helps us to connect while helping to make the world a better, safer and happier place.  Even giving in small ways feels right.  Check out 100 Ways To Make A Difference 
published by Youth Services of America.
2. Take A Deep Breath & Reflect
While it's cathartic to live in the moment and tell everyone our passionate opinions, we propose curtailing every urge to shout out how we feel about everything in the world--even Facebook has become a place to argue our points of views and disillusionment about the issues around us.  How about we count 1-2-3 take a deep breathe and ponder more.  Yes, we suggest to be a little more quiet, not entirely because freedom of speech is a beautiful right, but maybe a bit more reflective. Due to the immediacy the Internet creates, there is a collective rush to judgment and conclusions and opinions before all the facts are out. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Learning we humans are much more complex then we realize, and we are motivated by these factors.  For 2015 let's research, read, think and reflect more. 
3. Unplug One Day A Week
Coming from a blog this seems a strange suggestion, but take an oath to unplug for one day a week is just plain good for you, and even just for an afternoon and evening.  This takes you off line and puts everyone in the moment while freeing up time to talk create, write and spend time together.
4. Cook A Meal For Someone 
Make a delicious meal for someone you love because cooking can be therapeutic, fun and shows you care.  If you are the primary cook and already overwhelmed with your kitchen duties, we suggest ask someone (like your teenager) to cook for you.  If you live alone, cook a meal for a senior or someone who lives alone in your neighborhood.
5. Listen To More Music 
Our personal favorite music program right now is  SOUNDCLOUD, which is an online platform enabling users to upload, record and share music.  We love creating new play lists, following friends and adding to our music knowledge.  There are a variety of genres from Chill, Rapp, Trapp to Jazz music, and all the beautiful music in the world soothes the soul.
6. Take Small Amounts of Vitamin D
A little bit of Vitamin D  keeps us healthy through the cold, long winter ahead.  Referred to as the sunshine vitamin, the benefits are plentiful for healthy bones, to boost the immune system, keep us in a happy mood and all while  protecting us against diseases like diabetes and arthritis. 2,000 IU is a healthy daily dose, but we need at least 600 IU each day. Milk and Cod liver oil may not be for everyone, but Vitamin D is also found in egg yolks, liver, mushrooms and delicious, fatty fish like salmon.  
check out this recipe 
to make a coconut exfoliate
7. Use Coconut Oil For Many Purposes
We call Coconut oil the everything oil.  It's great to use in cooking in the replacement of vegetable oil, but it is also richly moisturizing to apply to your skin, hair and nails.  On cuticles before a manicure or a leave-in hair conditioner for your hair, or as a soft make up remover, or applied after a bath, it leaves your skin and hair feeling soft in the harsh winter.  it's inexpensive and can be found in most supermarkets. 
8. Indulge in Weekend Face Masks 
photo via Woman's Day
There are a slew of ideas for homemade face masks depending upon your skin type and what you have in your food pantry.  If you're on a tight budget this year (New Years Resolutions, perhaps?) raid the refrigerator/pantry to utilize quality ingredients and brighten, lighten and refresh your skin.  Here are a few homemade versions offered by Woman's Day magazine.
9. Fifteen Minutes of Daily Exercise:
This does not apply to those already hitting the gym regularly, but maybe to those of us who got off track a bit.  Until you are back full swing, rather then setting up markers you will not achieve, try a simple 15 minute regiment each morning before coffee. Check out this quick video outlined in Real Simple magazine that makes a morning routine a snap.  

9. Keep A Journal 
Write down your thoughts, schedule, doodle, dreams and write a poem in what we call "Nothing Books".  These pretty journals (can be found in almost any paper or convenience store) are a perfect way to put your imagination to work, keep your inner thoughts written down and help solidify your dreams and aspirations.  Do not type it in the computer please, and instead enjoy the process of writing by hand.  
1. Read A Book, 
or if too busy a passage in a book 
Here is a great list by 
Vanity Fair's Best Books.  There are several here on our must read list for 2015!

Happy New Year
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara