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Rejoicing the world of interior design through the passion and beauty of dance over at the NYC Donghia showroom

Dance to Design:
the connection between disciplines, 
 from a talented design panel at Donghia fabrics
Swan Lake, Tschaikovsky 
Pas de deux photo via
Donghia showroom, 
New York City
Andrea Favaretto Rubelli, CEO Donghia

Donghia's Creative Director, Chuck Chewning, designed a new furniture collection for Donghia which made its debut in May and inspired by his passion for dance and named after famous dancers and dance terminology. 

"Organic twisting shapes and sinuous curves have
a dance-like quality serving as inspiration for the pieces in the new furnishings collection. Nuanced craftsmanship and unexpected silhouettes give the collection its depth and restrained drama." 

It was very fitting then that the New York City showroom put together an interesting panel discussion about the similarities of dance and design.  Moderated by Wendy Goodman Design Editor of New York Magazine, we were in for a treat.  Wendy, a ballet enthusiast herself, lead the lively panel discussion enthusiastically encouraging words of wisdom from Chuck Chewning, Jamie Wolf and Matthew White.  Both Jamie and Matthew are former professional dancers now talented designers (Jamie a fabulous jewelry designer and Matthew a renowned interior designer).   The panel discussed in detail their collective passion for dance, and how there are similarities to dance when orchestrating the design of a room, making furniture or even designing a piece of jewelry.  Making it look effortless seems to be the key to success in these disciplines.   Not knowing how we designers sweat and pine over every last detail, is the beauty behind what we do.  What a fabulous way to frame it all for the audience and makes perfect sense.  We all know beautiful art when we see it, and when it is done well it seems almost easy--watching a perfect Pas De Deux with a duo magically gliding across the stage does not tell us how much incredible strength, balance and flexibility it takes to pull it all off.  Who knew that dance and design were so connected, but this cast of talents gave us much fodder to mull over.  We wouldn't expect anything less stellar coming out of Donghia's doors!
Wendy Goodman, Design Editor New York magazine; Matthew White, White Webb; Jamie Wolf, jewelry designer & Chuck Chewning, Creative Director, Donghia 
Andrea Favaretto Rubelli, CEO Donghia & Amy Darrah, President, Donghia, Courtney Matula, Donghia and Jose Rolon, Donghia
 Luigi Nonino, COO, Donghia, Wendy Landau, Architectural Digest  & Bill Peterson, Executive VP & CFO, Donghia
interior designer Frank Webb,  interior designer Patrick Hamilton & Donghia's Chuck Chewning
Lori Sheldon Home Furnishings Director Traditional Home magazine, 
me and interior designer Patrick Hamilton
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