Monday, October 26

Highlights at High Point Furniture Fall Market, John-Richard's Glamorous Organic Selenite in accessories and lighting

The unique qualities of Selenite 
were put to good use for accessories and lighting 
at John-Richard this season!
It's fascinating to see the design world enamored with gems, shells, geos, and stones because there is something medicinal about bringing these natural beauties into our home.  While visiting High Point during Fall Market I noted even more of these adornments onto lighting, furniture, mirrors and accessories.  I wrote about this trend last year during Market, but the interest is growing, and our collective fascinating with the natural world seems no longer a trend but an aesthetic that is here to stay.  The specific use of crystals and minerals in decoration bring a spiritual aspect to the home.  Selenite is specifically known to instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace.  What is Selenite?  
This gypsum mineral is often referred to as the "desert rose".  It has a crystalline structure and is essentially made up of Sulfate dihydrate.  Selenite can be differentiated from its other mineral cousins by its  jagged sharp edges, giving it a dramatic look.  

While given a thorough tour of  luxury art, furniture and accessory showroom John-Richard at High Point, I was enamored with much I saw, but the use of Selenite stopped me in my tracks.  While on the tour, I met up with John-Richard's president and this is what he had to say--
"Our designers are inspired by nature and this season we see lamps with stunning selenite, accent tables with branch like legs, rich maple and amara ebony veneers on a cabinet and a spectacular chandelier of geode circles."~Alan Galbraith

Take a look at just some of the Selenite offerings at John-Richards, 
and stay tuned for more unique finds we spotted at this showroom, as well as others at Fall Market.

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
 Quartz, Selenite, and Amethyst encrusted box 

this natural edged tall table lamp is my favorite, 
a must have for my design studio
sconces in one or two light options
iron silver leafed chandelier in natural selenite shades comes 
in an 8 or 10 light option