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Set a Gorgeous New Year Table with Fresh Holiday Amaryllis

Checking out the Amaryllis blooms and pink Peonies
at the New York City Flower Market
Let's Tweak Our Holiday Decoration:
Using Fresh Cut Amaryllis on Our New Year Table
photo via 
Shopping for flowers at the New York city Flower market is one of my favorite holiday activities.  I like to plant Amaryllis in rows on my fireplace mantel and not only because they are beautiful but because they often last for weeks during the season. I start them from buds, pot them and they last the entire season from Thanksgiving through New Years Day.  With Christmas behind us, and the New Year celebration in a couple of days, I have quite a few of these flowers still thriving in planters.  For a fresh look this New Year, I plan to cut them and arrange them on my table.  
Amaryllis Are Easy to Grow:
Imported from Holland, they arrive in the late Fall in the States.  They are easy to keep and bloom beautifully, they're tall and sturdy.  If you buy them from bulbs they grow to an 8-12" bloom in a few weeks.  Simply plant the Amaryllis bulb in a clay pot and add water, and they thrive and bloom effortlessly indoors.  
When full Bloom Cut For A Stunning Flower Arrangement:
Now that they are full and open, and I had enjoyed them planted through Christmas, I clip the stems (which are sturdy and hollow) and cut them in an even height then arrange together in a tall glass vase, changing the water daily.  This will make for a wonderful New Year table centerpiece. 
ruby red amaryllis in pots via Traditional Home magazine
 Romantic Beginning for The Amaryllis:
The name is Greek for "Amarysso" meaning "to sparkle."  It has romantic history in that in Greek Mythology it was the sheperdess who shed blood to prove her love, which inspired the bright redness of the flower.  
Notable stylish hosts show us how to use cut Amaryllis on our table.
 Martha Stewart shows ruby red ones against a fresh white table 
for a possible New Year look
Aerin Lauder's festive table shows a group of all white, tall Amaryllis in a glass vase with their pretty stems showing via the GlamPad
cut Candy Cane Amaryllis in an oversized mint julep cup makes a perfect table setting for your New Year table via Carolyne Roehme Veranda magazine
Happy New Year
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
 I enjoyed the Candy Cane Amaryllis on my holiday table and mixed with them with berries and white roses 
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