Friday, April 1

April is a Celebration of Our Favorite etsy Home Shops: Part 1, Chunky Wool Blankets by Nate Home and Fashion

For April, 
Nest by Tamara Shares 
Our 8 Favorite Home Shops on etsy!
Part I:  Wool Throws from Nata Home and Fashion Shop
 So loving this chunky wool ball!
We wish you a very happy April--the season brings lovely colors, blooms, and hopefully sunshine.  Keeping with warm and happy thoughts, I have wanted to profile my favorite home shops on etsy for quite some time.  It is my pleasure to share with you these top picks.  For those of you who may not be familiar with etsy, it is a treasure trove of sources, drawing artisans from all over the globe to this online platform.  As you may know, I host many design events both for philanthropic causes and ones I'm hired to work with to offer up decorating and hosting advice.  As a matter of fact, we have a few important events this spring and summer.  Firstly, on April 13, Susan Young and I will be created a tabletop extravaganza for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House gala in Grand Central Station's ballroom at Cipriani restaurant.  This black tie fundraiser is a beautiful evening of celebration and raises substantial money for this local neighborhood house for NYC youth.  Over 50 interior designers are invited to create a beautiful table for the dinner, and in a specific theme.  This year the event is celebrating a Century of Design in New York City, and we are donning a table showing a Romanesque Garden Revival table, complete with custom designed linens we are making from our Root Cellar Designs' collection for the occasion.  So, please, stay tuned. I tap into the richly creative sources offered up over on etsy for many of my events.  With the click of a computer key I can visit with an artisan across the globe, as if they were my neighbor.  I am often struck with the personal aspect to each collaboration, and the efforts and energy these artisans put into our collaborations together.  Through this rich source, I am able to pick up beautiful and often affordable wares, and many times custom designed options that help me to stand out in my industry.  Just this past year with Design On A Dime, The Hope Lodge gala, and Lenox Hill Neighborhood House I put together creative designs while utilizing these vendors and their products within my designs.  

Throughout April, I am happy to celebrate these artisans and spread the wealth of knowledge to my readers.  Some of these vendors I have worked with, while others are on my list for upcoming events, so please head over and tell them Tamara sent you.  Each week this month, I will offer up a source and profile of my favorite artisans.  Today, is a lovely wool vendor all the way from the Ukraine.  I have yet to order these beauties but they are on my list for when I talk at the Country Living Magazine Fair this June.  

Happy Nesting

XO Tamara

Nata Home and Fashion makes knitted chunky blankets, pillows and other products using 100% merino wool. Recently they started to sell their yarn and woolen for those who may want to make their own products.  Located in Kiev, Ukraine Nata has been sewing, knitting and crocheting since she was 12 years old.  All made by hand, these products are gorgeous and very reasonably priced to boot!
follow them on Instagram as well, NataLogsShop 
on etsy at NataHomeandFashion