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An In-Depth Look at John-Richard's Partnering With Artisans In Order To Bring Stellar Design To The Home Market

Quartz Tree--gorgeous, nature-inspired accessories at John-Richard

Keeping With Our Nature Inspired Focus in May, Let's Take
An Up-Close Look at New Home Collections at John-Richard

This High Point Market was an inundation of stellar design, and I visited dozens of showrooms in a busy four days with Esteem Media on the #designbloggersTour.  In addition to our visits together, Esteem Media encouraged us to venture out on our own to visit our favorite showrooms as well.  I enjoyed catching up with friends and peers and taking in new collections while walking throughout High Point (sometimes running).  There was enthusiasm this Market I found refreshing, and it is inspiring how the industry launches products with customizable features yet somehow offering up shorter and shorter lead times--all good news for customers.  This was my second time visiting with John-Richard, so today I bring you my favorite pieces.  Upon my visit, I was struck with the showroom's unique perspective.  While many showrooms are setting their sights on highlighting and pairing with celebrity designers, John-Richard is interested in the true artisan--the roll up your sleeves craftsman who is probably just as happy to be working in their studio making furniture, fabric and lighting as they are walking the floor of the showroom and talking to folks.  There are three cornerstones of products offered at John-Richard that I'd like to highlight-- furniture, art and accessories.  I had the opportunity to meet three of the artists behind the products, the ones who dreamt up these designs then created them, and all in time for busy Spring Market.  I walked with them through the showroom gleaning insight into what inspired their designs.  I enjoyed hearing about their passion for creation, and it instills in me an even better appreciation for the John-Richard brand.  Although I consider John Richard a company with a modern vision, it was refreshing to note that much of the furniture, lighting and accessories tap into old world techniques in order to create these wares.  There is a deep appreciation for nature in all the products at John Richard, and the designers they work with seem to infuse their love for the natural world into the products. 

1. The Furniture & Lighting 

by Mark McDowell for John-Richard
I met Mark and his wife Kell on the showroom floor, and I was impressed with his knowledge of history, design, engineering and art.  Mark is an award-winning designer with a wide range of skills and works in many disciplines from illustration, product design, painting, architectural design to sculpture.  He told me he was influenced early on in his life by his Japanese heritage, and that is evident in his lighting and furniture designs.  Growing up in the Ozark mountains, McDowell feels a special connection to all forms of nature.  Through his education at the Art Institute in Kansas City, he honed his innate talent in scale, rhythm, color line and texture.  I enjoyed learning McDowell is just as fascinated with the process of creating these works of art as the pieces themselves.  His luxurious, yet organic embellishments harken to historical artistry yet the pieces hold a magically new and fresh feel.  His designs feel timeless and would work equally well in both a traditional or contemporary home.  Here are my favorites...

Agate Regency Cabinet by Mark McDowell
This cabinet is striking and both modern and classic in style. The chunky agate handle is unique, and it is well designed from inside to out.  And, it is certainly one of my most favorite pieces spotted at Spring Market 2016!

He created the Blooming Pierced Orchid Table Lamp by utilizing the lost wax casting technique often seen on the finest pieces of bronze casting in museums.  The bronze orchid seems to float in mid-air in the center of the lamp, and up close it has the finest of detailing.  Although it is pricey, it shows the highest quality and craftsmanship, and is worth the splurge.  

Another favorite, and showing his range in design styles, McDowell creates the 16 Light Mid-Century Chandelier with tapering candles and a solid brass tapered antique finish. 

Style Moderne Credenza has beautiful etching in a diamond pattern on the face of the credenza giving an optical illusion of sorts with a sense of movement reflecting off of the mirrored material.  It's stunning up close!

The Art by Carol Benson-Cobb 
for John-Richard
 Carol Benson-Cobb is an American abstract painter who custom colors soothing palettes and derivative textile works both on canvas and fabric. She has transformed many of her art pieces into scaled gallery quality art, and it has had much appeal to the luxury market and brands, as well as to interior designers. This Spring Market she debuted a brand new collection, a special and exclusive collaboration with John Richard called giclées.  These mixed medium works allow Benson-Cobb to show her work in different price points from her original pieces.  Benson-Cobb told me she had started painting at an early age while painting rock star portraits for her classmates as a young girl. Over the years, her passion grew and so did her business savvy, and in 2012 she launched a reproduction collection and introduced them to the market. Her beautiful, ethereal art and printed fabrics have caught the interest of big name brands, and her pieces have graced the homes of many celebrity homes as well.  she has found a happy home with John-Richard taking her works to another level and making them accessible through these mixed medium pieces.  She told me many of her soothing beach scenes are inspired by a love of architecture and travel. 

my personal favorite is this on-trend indigo and white abstract design, which looks equally as beautiful on the art piece as it does printed on fabric

Benson-Cobb's art looks beautiful on fabric and the back of this sofa is as unique as the the front.  fabric is popular patter Haze.

The Accessories
by  Margaret Fisher for John-Richard

Margaret Fisher with her designs
Margaret Fisher is John-Richard's in-house accessories designer who takes her passion for the natural world and color and brings them together offering up beautiful and unique accessories for the home.  Infused with crystals, geos, mixed metals, seashells and other natural offerings, each piece is more delightful than the next.  The "I Dream of Agate Mirror" is a must-have for summer 2016 decorating!

Celestite Crystal Blooms

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

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