Wednesday, May 18

Nest by Tamara's Ten Favorite Spaces at Kips Bay Designer Show House, 2016: Part 1

After Visiting Kips Bay Decorator Show House, 2016
 It Is Hard to Choose Favorites 
But, These Are Our Top Ten Designs...
The Carlton House
19 East 61st Street
Kips Bay Designer Show House is My Favorite design event in New York City. Each year, top designers in the industry continue to set the bar high for all of us, demonstrating how to decorate/design exquisitely, detailed and sometimes fantastically and over the top (in a good way).  What I love about this year's extravaganza, is each and every designer and room brought a high level of detailing and design one would expect from a home like the Carlton Home.  
About Kips Bay:
This is the 44th year for the annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House.  This year the event takes place at the Carlton House Townhouse with over 9,700 square feet of space transformed by 21 interior designers.  Tickets are $35. with proceeds going to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.
Top Ten Highlights Include...
1. Kati Curtis
 my friend Kati's space was one of the most important in the house this year as it grounded the entire home with multi-floor installations through eight staircases and winding through the hallways and stairwells.  She brilliantly utilized unique vintage pieces and an ethereal botanical de Gournay wallpaper giving the space the old world feeling it deserves, yet showing Kati's unique, innovative approach as well.
 2. Drake/Anderson
It is no surprise that Jamie Drake brings us continued beauty with his lovely interpretation of classic design.  I became a huge fan years ago after visiting Gracie Mansion and seeing his beautiful re-design of NYC's Mayor's Mansion.  With his new collaboration working with my friend designer Caleb Anderson, the pretty gets even more deeply centered.  The palette is icy blue and the layers of textures are deep and divine with custom designed furniture by Friedel Dzubas and Saint Clair Clemin.  The luxurious bed beckons!
3. Victoria Hagan
brings symmetry, minimalism and rock star qualities altogether in one stunning package--and, I'm over the moon for those topiary/birch sculptures!
4. Hollander Design Landscape Architects by Ed Hollander
my readers know I'm partial to outdoor spaces and entertaining from reading my #UNDERthePERGOLA column during summers in East Hampton.  Ed Hollander brings us 1,000 square foot of exquisite design and plantings under his very own cool pergola and with gorgeous views of Barney, so we get the best of both worlds--
city meets country. 
 5. Timothy Wheaton 
takes traditional English elements and turns them slightly on their side to bring us something modern and fresh, with a classic base--I love!  
6. Alex Papchristidis
we love the entire space for it's crisp design infused with antiques and hand-painted wallpaper, but especially enjoy the nuances of the table and setting with the smallest of charming details such as unicorn sculptures in front of each place setting.
7. Les Ensembliers
Who knew that a dressing room could be packed with such beauty.  From the innovative ceiling and lighting to the faux shagreen wall coverings (in the closets), this Art Deco-inspired space is any woman's dream!
 8. Garrow Kedigian
the moody library is dramatic but the entire space appointed in a chalk board and chalk wall art raises the drama to another level of cool! Chalk art by Rajiv Surendra
9. Olarsky-Sinsteden
this guest bedroom is smart and stylish, and a tad traditional but in a way that I love!  This is truly one of my favorite rooms, and I enjoy the scalloped edge treatment of the bed and the small chair upholstered in a historic pattern, and infused with a luxurious, yet peaceful palette.  
 10. Daniel Richards
This outdoor garden and entertaining space is a sophisticated study in neutrals with the edge of wisely used color black showing indoor/outdoor fabrics together with gorgeous lace-cap hydrangea potted in rows and ceramics by Atelier Vierkant!

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara