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Mermaids Folklore and Mystery, And A Design Fascination...

A Design Tile Trend Has Us Musing 
About The History of The Iconic Mermaid...
Today, the Mermaid symbol is associated with passion,  eloquence, power, fertility, the sea and romance but, what's behind this mysterious fictitious sea creature? 
 A lil history of the Mermaid:
In ancient civilization the Mermaid appeared in mythology and were worshipped like goddesses as early as 700 b.c.  Since then the Mermaid has been the topic of fascination, and she has been written about in literature, movies and depicted in art. The origins of the legend grew in Syria during 1000 BC.  The story told of a fertility goddess, Atargatis whose magic was associated with water.  She was the original Mermaid who dove into the lake to transform into a fish, but only her bottom half made the transformation.  The iconic Mermaid then became associated with shipwrecks, storms and drownings, and in these tales she often falls in love with a sailor and becomes enamored with the human world.   She sometimes even accidentally drowns her loved one.  What a tragic love story!
In 1837, Hans Christian Andersen published the tale, The Little Mermaid about a young Mermaid living with her widowed father who yearns to gain a human soul and give up her life living in the sea. She became obsessed with ships and sailors, and eventually falls in love with a human.  Even Disney got in on the Mermaid fascination, and we all know the now infamous animated movie, The Little Mermaid that won the hearts of families all over the world. In all these stories, the Mermaid obtains her immortal soul by marring a human, so it is this passion that plaques her.
a close up look at gold mosaic floor circa 1881 
This love of all things Mermaid has certainly made its way to our homes.  Furniture, art, sculpture have depicted and replicated the beauty and allure of the Mermaid.    
then, there is MERMAID TILE
One of our favorite "take aways" from this love of Mermaids is Mermaid Tile.  This scale-like shaped tile is exotic, beautiful and shimmery.  The design pattern is gorgeous and adds another dimension to a back splash, floor or shower design. It can take an otherwise plain space and adds character and charm. 
photo via T Magazine
According to Apartment Therapy blog, Mermaid tile is the hottest trend right now.  No surprise really because it is gorgeous and very modern, and just look at how it adds texture to the bathroom above in the deep cerulean color of this handmade Moroccan tile. 
also known as fish scale tile, fan tile or scallop tile, we prefer the mysterious name Mermaid Tile, which tops our list of favorite home design trends. It is especially beautiful when the tiles are of varying colors, and the repetitive design and shape then gives a sense of movement like water, and can almost looks iridescent. It is important to note the tile can be laid upside down for a different aesthetic as well.
It looks especially beautiful used in kitchen back splashes, bathroom showers and shower floors. This Santa Rosa Beach Kitchen featured in House Beautiful shows how well this tile transforms a space, and of course this incredible blue/green color adds to the allure of this otherwise neutral-colored kitchen.  Interior design by Urban Grace Interiors
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