Sunday, September 3

Under The Pergola Column: An End of Summer Visit To Jack Lenor Larsen's LongHouse Reserve

Longhouse Reserve:
Beauty, Lushness and Art
We took a nice, long stroll at Jack Lenor Larsen's home and preserve, Longhouse Reserve which is 16 acres of sculptured gardens. The garden boasts impressive art from renowned artists including Willem de Kooning, Yoko Ono and Buckminster Fuller, as well as many others.
Located in East Hampton, it is tucked behind town on a lush estate created by fabric and interior design talent Larsen.  Over the years, Larsen transformed this property and home into an incredible art and garden oasis.  Each season he changes it up to showcase new art exhibits, and this summer guests were greeted by exhibit DUNES, with a sandy bar, wrapped trees and philosophical inspirational offerings from
Yoko Ono.  
"The gardens are a living case study of the interaction between plans and people in the 21st century".  
-Jack Lenor Larsen
 Yoko Ono's installation-- a beautiful display of 
wrapped trees, Dunes.
More highlights include...
Fly's Eve, John Kuthik
Cobalt Spheres, Dale Chichuly
 llya/Emilia Kabakov
the Arch of Life
 Sol LeWitt
Irregular Progression
 Shin Sang-Ho
Dream of Africa, 2004
Play It By Trust, Yoko Ono
  Larry Rivers
Legs, 1969
a hint of fall with a few dropped leaves- enjoy 
a visit to Longhouse Reserve through the crisp, 
Autumn season as well.
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara