Monday, April 23

What We Love Today Column: The Collaboration of UK Artist KristJana S Williams and Fragrance Company, Penhaligon

The beautiful, detailed art work of 
Kristjana S. Williams noted at 
 British perfume house, Penhaligons

This weekend, we popped over to the tiny perfume shop in Rockefeller Center in New York City to buy a special gift for a friend, a new fragrance from their new Portraits Collection.  When in London recently, we visited the flagship Penhaligons.  I was smitten by the art adorning the store as well as on the packaging on their candles and perfume.   

We came to learn about a collaboration between Penhaligons with UK artist, Kristjana S. Williams.  Williams created these dreamy scapes for the shop to adorn the walls, as well as on the packaging on these bespoke perfumes with intricate designs that feels other-worldly.  It's refreshing to see brands working alongside artists to enhance their own products, offering layers of artisanal touches within their own. The gorgeous art is dreamy, and works well with their delightful, pungent scents.

For the collection, Williams created these narrative-based illustrations for each fragrance which centres around a fictional aristocratic family.  Complete with quirky members of the family each having their own scent, the entire collection is nuanced and lovely.  This collaboration with this perfumery originating from the 1860s, allows this brand to offer something new and fresh to customers.

From Lord George to Lady Blanche, Duchess Rose, The Duke and more-- these controversial characters each have their own bottle and scent, creating quite a tale.  We all know fragrance is about telling a story, and they cleverly have done a bang up job here.  You choose the scent from the many cast of character's dreamt up.  The story is hilarious and oh, so very tongue-in-cheek and only in a manner that the English can pull off well. And, certainly the mood is set with these detailed, colorful illustrations.  
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara