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Sunday, September 23

First Day of Fall--We Read, Read, Read and Review new book, Cabana Anthology

Nest by Tamara blog Book Review:
Cabana Anthology 
edited by Martina Mondadori Sartogo
and Published by Vendome Pres
It feels serendipitous that on the official first day of Fall, we start our annual Autumn Book Reviews here on the blog.  I was gifted several new cocktail table books to review, all beautiful to look at, rich with photography and a plethora of knowledge to soak up.  The first of this series is Cabana Anthology-- 488 pages wrapped in a cloth-bound cover which channels the pages of bi-annual Cabana magazine and looks to global style makers to fill their content.  This book is the best of the best and I could get lost for hours in these homes which hail from all over the world.  The photography is by renowned artists Miguel Flores-Vianna, Francois Halard, Tim Beddow, Guido Taroni and other international photographers.  Those profiled run the gambit of careers, but rest assured they are the top style makers in the world to the likes of Manolo Blahnik, Alessandro Michele, Angelica Hicks and more.  

There is much here to ponder, but today, I offer sneak peeks of one of the homes profiled-- the Wardington, which is a manor home located in North Oxforshire, England dating back to the 17th century. Being a garden lover myself, I am partial to rambling homes with flowers everywhere that spill out into lush gardens.  Readers get an up close view into the home of Forbes and Bridget Elsworthy and their three children.  The lifestyle harkens another era, and one can feel the history even through the pages once hearing the home's long halls was the home of nuns, but today it is overflowing with flowers and treasure troves of travels and passions....

"There are not many houses you can walk throughout with muddy wellies or linger in the garden on beautiful armchairs and sofas carried from the library, with children running everywhere free and wild.  It is a place like no other and there is never a moment you'd want to miss.  The house is always filled with flowers.  Each room is a masterpiece complete with overblown blousy blooms filling buckets, vases and tables.  Oak paneling lines the walls in the library, the smoking room and the downstairs dressing room and many of the other spaces all beautiful lime waxed or stained dark.  Botanical prints and portraits hang on the wall in chunky gold frames.  Soft crumbling four poster beds fill the upstairs rooms looking out over the gardens and beyond."
-Cabana Anthology 

 There is certainly more inspiration one can glean from this book, and this sneak peek of Wardington is a fantastic place to start.  The book is offered for sale by vendome press!
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara