In Terence Conran's home during 
London's Decorex
Giving Thanks
with Full Disclosure!

my kitchen design Art of The Table Traditional Home magazine, 
Lenox at Bilotta Kitchen NYC Oct 2014
I want to thank those in the design industry who have supported me in order for me to be able to continue writing about design. Because I am passionate about creating a beautiful yet live in home, I often review products and take payment to attend events, interview brand leaders and give my time to write a well-written story about them and their products then share my advice and opinions here on the blog.  I am grateful that many have reached out to me unsolicited in order to collaborate on these stories, and whenever I work on sponsored posts I make it clear to my readers. Please know that if I do enter in an agreement with a company and I do not like the product or it is not up to my selective standards I will not write about them and have and will return the product and payment.  I am quite selective about whom I work with and write about and the products I showcase in my posts, because I build upon my strong foundation as a trained NYC interior designer.  I know my readers rely on my judgement and testimonials, and I take that responsibility seriously. Through these experiences I have learned more about design and add that to my portfolio of knowledge as a designer and writer of design in the industry.  I am happy to note that I keep my finger firmly on the pulse of innovation, quality and design, and taking on sponsors has allowed me to take time away from my design clients to continue to write about design.  If you'd like to support the blog and get involved with one of our projects, please reach out to me at TamaraStephenson1@gmail.com and read below about the ways we can collaborate. 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara 

my designs at Design On A Dime for Housingworks, May 2014
over 30 brands donated to my room

luncheon for IFDA NY members in East Hampton;
many of the items were donated for the story
A few examples of 
How to Collaborate with Nest by Tamara..
to your SOCIAL MEDIA for the day:
during special events brands hire me to take over their social media platforms reporting on  trends, spotting design, etc.  
*I write a column for antique website Ruby Lane Antiques
*I took over the Instagram account for @RohlFaucets at the 
Architectural Digest Show #AuthLux to find authentic luxury design
*Top brands give me wares and pay me to write reviews in my decorating or entertaining stories where I incorporate them into designs.
I participate in many philanthropic events, 
and take donations when available.
 *Over 60 brands donate product to my room each year at annual charity Design On A Dime.  Donations go to Housingwork's ongoing project with Hull House.
*I have hosted events with a brand or company. 
Example: planned and co-hosted a cocktail party for 300 guests as the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta debuted their new Travel Brilliantly program.   I created the table decoration, a signature cocktail, a tweet wall, and attended and hosted the event, then wrote posts for their website and my own blog.  
4. SPONSORED TRIPS: I am sponsored to travel to attend design trade show or events to write about it.   Some places I have been sponsored to travel and write about:
Maison Objet, Paris 
with Modenus' BlogTour 
London's Design Week, 
Milan & Venice's Salone Mobile, 
New Orleans'  KBIS, 
Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany
 Highpoint Furniture Market 
 Sub Zero Wolf, 
GE Monogram, 
 Traditional Home and Thermador 
Who sponsors Nest by Tamara?
I am happy to note there is a growing list of folks who I have worked with, and I am grateful to have been involved in many projects over the past six years. Once a firm becomes a sponsor, they are then added to my sponsor page.  After I write about their products, I make myself available for more collaborations with them in the future.  I can proudly boast I have had almost 700,000 visitors to Nest by Tamara, and that popularity is in part because of these collaborations. Once a brand is added to my sponsor section they become part of my ongoing family of brands I write about on an ongoing basis.
MY SPONSORS include:

TradHome magazine
Dan's Papers magazine
GE Monogram
 I host many event and incorporate sponsored products; 
this one is in East Hampton under my pergola
my trip to London's Decorex
I wrote about all my favorite designs

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