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Friday, October 14

I'm giving away two VIP tickets to NYC's hottest Halloween bash at the Maritime Hotel's Hiro Ballroom

 Happy Halloween Everyone!

It's that time of the year again
 creativity comes creeping
out for Halloween festivities.

 I'm brewing
a magic spell over here
Nest by Tamara.
This week I am offering you
the opportunity to
win two VIP tickets ($150 value)
 NYC's hottest Halloween Costume Ball!  

for more information about the party read 

The fabulous Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel
(88 9th Avenue in NYC)
on Friday, October 28th
at 7:30 pm
Door 6:30

HIro Ballroom in New York City
The Who and What? 
Ok, here's the skinny... 
Many of you know about my favorite charity
 I am a board member and happy to help wherever needed
because this non-profit is making huge leaps
to help children with brain differences.
Flawless has its hands in many projects
but we are raising money
this Halloween bash 
for a special partnership between Flawless and
another non-profit organization
 bring yoga to NYC inner city schools
Read my August post about this partnership.

So, what's not to love? 
 a  raucus, fun-filled Halloween party that promises
to be
this year's hottest event in NYC 
and the proceeds go to a very worthwhile cause.

 We will all don our favorite costumes,
dance the night away
with Aera Dance, take in a  
 special performance by Kitty Cavalier Burlesque
&  appearances from 
The Fabulous Subscribettes
But, gosh Flawless founder Janine Francolini needs a good,
no not good,
fabulous mask -
something creative and fun

What should you do? 

 spend a few minutes (maybe on Google),
find a peacock-inspired mask for sale 
(Flawless' mascot is a peacock) --
send along the information/link
on how to purchase it
for Janine to wear to the party. 

Post a link of where to purchase
this mask with a photograph of it on  
the Flawless Foundation's Facebook wall

The Contest ends next Sunday  
If Janine chooses your mask,
she'll buy it and wear it to the party,
you will win
 2 VIP tickets
 to join us
 for an evening of fun and celebration.  
  the peacock is the inspiration for Janine's mask

get out of here
and win those tickets
get your face painted
And don't forget your dancing shoes...

I'll announce the winner right here on Nest  
Sunday, October 23rd
I'm keeping my
finger's crossed
for you!
special note: 
this week's photographs were curated from Pinterest -
please visit my Halloween Pinterest Board for links and sources


Hamptontoes said...

This is a fabulous giveaway! Wow! I'm all over dressing up with a peacock feathered ensemble! Now I'm off to check out your charity. XOXO.

Art Style said...

We all never think it will be us or a loved one -- until it IS. Way to have vision, concern and bake in a ton of good fun in the process of raising funds for this cause!

tamara matthews-Stephenson said...

Thanks you guys -- great friends to check this out and yes Flawless is an amazing foundation. I have known Janine Francolini since she was both Gabby and Miles' nursery school admissions director. She is smart as a whip and now she has this amazing organization she started from a mere idea, growing leaps and bounds by the day and putting a festive and uplifting mood to a topic that is rarely discussed in most circles -- children experiencing difficulties of this nature is hard for many of us to grasp,yet Flawless is reaching out in the community and educating and bringing programs to schools and communities to help in a multitude of ways. My mother was a social worker my whole life and so I grew up with understanding how important it is to help others, and now at Flawless I'm enjoying all of it. xo tamara

Janine Francolini said...

Thank you all for your support and interest - such an honor and Tamara you are the best ever. We are so grateful to have you as a board member. Now heres to peacock feather costumes..............and super fun contests!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Tamara and if Charlie and I are in town next Friday we plan to attend. I simply love stopping by Nest to see what goodies you have goin' on. xo Michelle