WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog

WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog
Hi- It's Tamara. I'm happy you've stopped by, and since 2010 I've been sharing my passion for interior design, history, art, entertaining, travel & fashion. I am an interior designer, textile designer and writer living and working in New York City and East Hampton, Long Island. My musings have taken me to international design, art, antique and epicurean events and I have lots to share. I'm grateful to have been listed as the #1 top design blog, blogs to watch, top design blogs and named and awarded Rising Star of Design by the IFDA NY industry organization. Please feel free to reach out to our team for an interior design consultation at NestbyTamara.com -Tamara

7 fabric trends which will influence our 2014 interior design at Market and in our homes, and spotted at ITMA Showtime fabric show

spotted these gorgeous, chunky colored hides at Moore & Giles leather 
offering many color, style & quality options
design spotting at ITMA Showtime fabric show
Nest by Tamara's 7 trends and inspirations 
gleaned to help us with our 2014 interior design.
I visited Highpoint, North Carolina with these five fabulous design bloggers, and I'm back from this "insider" fabric show feeling inspired. 
I think of the ITMA Showtime fabric event as the trade show  where much work happens leading up to Highpoint Furniture Spring Market.  In a few months when designers show up to Spring Market they will see the latest designs in a fabulous frame, or when consumers walk into a favorite furniture store after Market, they will be impressed with the collection of eclectic fabrics available for upholstery and curtains.  The ground work is laid at Showtime where many people are working behind the scenes to bring us the latest hot-off-the-press fabrics for our home. 
Let's talk for a moment about 
Design trends is a term used often today and written about in the pages of blogs and magazines.  All of this inspiration sharing between many of the world's talents into one large "collective" pool  becomes "trends" and is worth putting under a microscope for a moment. When an artist paints her canvas, or a fashion designer designs his frock, there are many inspirations they pull, drawing from all corners of the world and sensibilities.  Combine all of that with an eclectic array of brainstorming from design brands to fabric designers to scientists working in the lab refining the latest technique (so when we spill red wine on our sofa we don't have to run out and buy a brand new one), to the world traveler tasting local cuisine -- these are only some of the thoughts and hard work and creative inspirations that go into deciding which fabrics are made then marketed to the industry in order to keep us happy in our homes!  Trends are not trendy and they are not usually here one season and gone the next, instead they sometimes morph and grow leading us into other finds, but they do influence us every day and virtually in every place in our lives.  These trends keep us inspired, refreshed, current and comfortable.  So, thank you to the many creative folks at Showtime for bringing us all these quality fabrics and trims so we can happily nest.
What did I see that was 
 interesting at Showtime?  
These are 7 top trends I noticed...
many are a continuation and not brand new, but maybe they have been tweaked or the interest has grown.  After all this musing, they are on a trajectory upward and worth taking a look at as we embark upon more decorating and add onto our homes in the year 2014. 
A little goes a long way with metallic.  Gold is big in fashion, tabletop and home design lately.  I noticed at Showtime, many simpler fabrics (like cotton and linens) with a little bit of shimmer and a slightly metallic finish.  The juxtaposition of jute and natural materials with metallic creates the bling we crave in our homes today.  This is not a new trend, but now it feels subtle and elegant, and not with a heavy hand but seen everywhere.  
we spotted many velvets and in chunky, luxurious weight and detailing
Robert Allen expanded 
on a gorgeous collection of subtle metallics
seen above right, (Alchemy linen).  You may remember I used one of the first Alchemy linens from Robert Allen on the IFDA charity chair I refurbished.
I used the Alchemy pattern to create a lumbar pillow for this chair we auctioned at a charity for hurricane Sandy victims -- I combined it with Robert Allen's Malachite fabric and a custom seashell fabric I made using antique prints.  Note the orange trim on the chair? It was gifted from friend Jana Platina Phipps of @trimQueen on Twitter. 

Although the neutral palette will never be "over" it's also a return to the celebration of color. We saw fresh, yet complicated color combining with blues and greens together with different hues from bright to muted tones --
color is on the rise.   

Valdese fabric collection -- photo courtesy Valdese

the blue room at Seven shows ranges of blues
I call it Cerulean Haze, because we simply cannot get enough of blue. At Fashion Week this past season, Navy and Indigo were everywhere, and that trend continues in the home fabric market.  My opinion is that blue is comforting, a tad traditional, soothing, healing and divine. It is my favorite color, so I'm happy! While many of the colors shown are vivid, the blues are all over the map with a range from moody to vibrant Tiffany. 
 Midnight Blues, Robert Allen

We heard lots of talk about large prints, although we wanted to see more at Showtime,
they were celebrated and showcased, and on every one's mind.  
Also popular -- large prints with darker backgrounds.  
 European based company, Vallila shows ready-made curtains, pillows, etc., in large prints
indigo still everywhere...
Valdese fabric collection -- photo courtesy Valdese
sneak peeks at Thomas Paul's prints from Duralee Fabrics 
gorgeous print variety of colorways at Robert Allen
We saw many traditional patterns and shapes from paisley to Ikats but the return is modernized, either over-sized or paired with something new and unexpected or put together with interesting color combinations.
traditional men suiting inspired silk, American Silk Mill
fabulously styled Ikat
jute trim, Europatex trim

One of my favorite patterns of the day -- at Robert Allen
We saw a continuation and concern with detail and quality workmanship taken from old world principles, but lots of new designs and ideas intermingled.  
hearing the old world philosophies and dedication to craftsmanship over at Libeco Belgian linens was comforting. Their very modern looking and feeling chintz linen with a plethora of colors ranging from pale pink to sleek black bring something fresh and modern to the table!

a nod to old world embroidery work over at
Valdese fabrics takes these ideas and reworks into modern design.

lots of chatter about "painterly" fabrics
above left, Artisanal silk
right, Rousseau silk from American Silk Mill
offering 60 colors of solid silk, American Silk Mill
bring lots to the design table.  They also sell cut yardage as well,
so that is good for designers.

utmost in durability cut suede at American Silk Mill
I like to remind my clients we have kids, guests,
we serve red wine at our parties
(and yes people spill them),
and well, we don't live with plastic slipcovers --
life is messy! 
Performance?  Not just a word for cars, but today's home fabrics need to perform.   I espouse that philosophy here on Nest by Tamara.  Live your life, don't put stuff away until the kids grow up, break out the fine silver and china, set that table creatively even if it is just for your own family.  Basically, don't wait until the right time and a full budget to live your life.  I have had clients who wait to live well and stylishly in their home because they are renting an apartment or living in a small place.  Cut to 20 years later some of them have not moved.  In design, I say live for today, and in this market that is more possible then ever before with fabrics that perform, live longer, repel stains, and withstand the every day harshness of life.  So, we get a bang for our buck and don't have to replace fabrics as often. 
demonstrations over at Crypton Home illustrated the durability of these new designs.  
Literally poured soda and wine on the fabrics and they cleaned right up.

with the advancement of indoor outdoor fabrics we have more options.  Our outdoor fabrics are getting creative and coming indoors as well. I saw whimsical outdoor fabrics at Al Fresco.  Stop back soon for a Pool House dreaming post and ways to incorporate some of these designs highlighting outdoor fabrics from designers 
Erin Flett (love her on etsy) and Karen Robertson.  
On that note,
Happy New Year & Happy Nesting
XO Tamara 
inspiration board at Showtime
note:  all photographs and copy are my own in this post,
with the exception of two photos courtesy of Valdese as indicated.