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Monday, June 17

The Five Best Things to Monogram For Summer 2019

Five Items to Monogram 
This Summer Helping To Make 
You Possibly The Most Stylish Summer Host Around
(who is also well dressed)
This summer we say monogram everything from your shoes to your shower curtain.  Nothing tells us summer is here like a fresh embroidered personal statement.  This takes us back to the old fashioned "camp" days when it was important to have monograms on your items so they didn't get lost {think about the camp days of our favorite show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel}.  It brings back summer full swing.  Here are our favorite five items to monogram this summer, and we promise they'll keep you well dressed and your home well stocked and quite possibly help to make you the most stylish host around...
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
put the Jack Rogers sandals on the map 
and she wore these all summer long

monogram sandals by Jack Rogers
1. JACK ROGERS SUMMER SANDALS-The classic summer sandal is the Jack Rogers sandal.  Take it up a notch by having a pair custom monogrammed in your initials.  
2. GUEST BEDROOM ROBES-a pair of his and her robes stocked in your guest room with a fun/quirky monogram, perhaps monogrammed with "HIS & HER" or "KING & QUEEN"! Matouk is our favorite brand for bedding and towels since they provide a beautiful plush materials.

3. BEACH HOUSE CUPS- Now my favorite shop for adding personal touches to almost everything in home and fashion in East Hampton is availble online too- The Monogram Shop.  These are just a few affordable items that make entertaining at your pool, under your pergola or taking to the beach easy and stylish.  To go cups in your favorite sayings...and for $3.00 a pop that's quite affordable.  I have my set now for over five years and they're durable too.
4. COCKTAIL NAPKINS-a pack of 50 these may last for all your summer fetes all summer 2019.  Keep your bar cart stocked with these beauties.
5. BEACH TOWELS-take these beauties to the beach and stock your powder room with these take to the beach towels.  Turkish-style towels are flatter and less fluffy then more traiditonal American towels but they are super soft and absorbant and wonderfully resilient.  These with a simple monogram of your family's last name in candy-colors makes for a fun summer. 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara