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TEXTILE DIARIES: Who Doesn't Love Eyelet Fabric- A Summer time favorite fabric

Textile Diaries: Why We Love Eyelet Fabric
One of the things I love about textiles is they tell a story of our past as much as they talk about the future. How they're made, their origins...there's always an interesting back-story. Many fabrics were originally used have come back in fashion again and again. Thinking about summer, fashion and history the textile that comes top of mind is eyelet. 
WHAT IS EYELET?Eyelet is a lace-like fabric popular to wear and use in the summer months. In order to understand the fabric we must first learn its origins. Eyelet originates from "Broderie Anglaise"which is composed of round or oval holes cut into the fabric (hence, eyelets) and with tiny buttonhole stitches in the shapes. The patterns can be flowers, vines, circles or leaves are illuminated with embroidery stitching on the fabric. The tiny holes are punched out with an embroidery stiletto and then the edges are finished. But, first the embroidery is created around the fabric…

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