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A Beach House Generator Can Save Money & Worry, Cummin's Generators

 Don't Be Literally Left In The Dark 
During Storm Season,
All The Good Reasons For A Back-Up Generator 
For Your Home
a recent, winter storm in East Hampton, Long Island 
Our beach house in the east end of Long Island has been a respite from our busy lives in New York City.  We built our home two decades ago and, as anyone who owns a home knows only too well, there is almost always something to do to improve the home and property.  Today, peace of mind tops our list of priorities when making purchases. We tend to focus on items that will bring us relief from worry since we live two hours away from our weekend get-away.

After a few power outages in Long Island this year alone, we decided to shop for a back-up generator. Soon enough, Cummins topped our list of companies to research. Since 1919, Cummins has provided farmers, truckers and hospitals with reliable, large industrial generators, and today they offer home generators as well. These smaller, home generators are perfect for single-family homes, which provide electricity when and if the power goes our unexpectedly due to a storm or other unforeseen events. When the power is suddenly shut off, it can cause irreparable damage to a home.

Cummin's reliable generators are durable, yet quiet-running.  One can choose either a natural gas or liquid propane-fueled generator which would automatically deliver power quietly and quickly during a utility outage. The QuietConnect™  series has some useful features such as weather protective, sound insulated enclosures and lower noise. One feature I appreciate is these generators are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A., with affordable prices to boot. I love that a back-up generator will give us the needed peace of mind we crave.  Next time a big storm is predicted, we can rest assured that our generator will take over in case of a power outage, and thankfully we will not have frozen pipes to contend with!
Sunnier months
 in East Hampton
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