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FOOD & ART POST: Toast Art by Tokyo Artist Sasamana

Art as Food  With Art Toast by Artist  @Sasamana1204 Today's theme is the Japanese "Cloisonne-pattern".
The circle represents happiness. The pattern that leads to eternity is considered to be an auspicious thing.  I adjusted the amount of mayonnaise and cod roe to create a gradation. Edible gold leaf for one point. cod roe and bread are a very tasty combination."
I'll never forget a conversation I had in design/art school at Parsons School of Design with a fellow student who adamantly claimed that art and cooking could never be deemed art, and it was clearly only a "craft".  This artist was entrenched in her ideology of what art encompassed, however, I truly believe that art is in the eye of the creator.  We humans have created art out of many medium, and now years later, many agree chefs are artists creating their edible art everyday.  But, pandemics and being "quarantined" have a unique way of encouraging us all to think even more outside the bo…

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