Friday, December 9

Countdown to Christmas: Day 6 - Go on get a "fake" tree - you know you want one...


This Holiday try something new, maybe a Faux-Tree in Bright White?

I am getting "real" here (no pun intended)
for years I have had an almost visceral reaction to fake trees...
visions of plastic slipcovers and large plastic santas danced in my head. 
However, all of a sudden these moderne, illuminated hot pink or vibrant white trees when styled well just feel chic.  I'm still not a fan of the green fakes, you know the ones that try to replicate those good old fashioned ones, but for a fabulous stylized and current look why not try a white faux tree this year? 
These fake trees come in funky colors and when illuminated in all one color bulbs and lights (love the blue with white) can be very beautiful, and not to mention
"green" because nobody gets hurt in the process...

My friend had a lovely bright white tree and bought it online