Holidays Are Posts Are Plentiful This Season here on Nest by Tamara!

Holidays Are Posts Are Plentiful This Season here on Nest by Tamara!
Until Jan 1 look for lots of advice and sharing to make your holiday season shine- for starters, over on Trim Queen blog we share tips to help Dress Your Holiday Table, click on photo for story and stop back for more recipes, decorating and holiday posts. photo -- our table at Hope Lodge gala (

Sunday, December 11

Countdown to Christmas: Day 8 - make a tasty batch of Ina Garten's salted caramel

Who doesn't love to receive a fresh batch of homemade candy as a gift?
As I've said before just because someone is a celebrity chef doesn't mean their recipes are good.  I have had a few incidents of trying celebrity chef's recipes and even after trying them twice they are simply not a good combination of ingredients together. 

With Ina, I know that all her recipes are tried and true and that they promise to be delicious.  I like that reliability and especially when I'm busy through the Holidays.  Although not an easy candy to make this is delicious and makes a perfect, inexpensive gift to give away to teachers, neighbors and bring as a Hostess gift. 

 I like to use simple silver or gold colored chinese take out containers that are quite inexpensive from Michaels craft store.  I line the container with parchment paper.

read here for Ina Garten's recipe