Tuesday, February 7

14 days of love for Valentine's Day: Day 7 bring them Old English Roses and they will swoon!

photograph and collage courtesy of Gabby Stephenson
Let's talk flowers
on Valentine's Day!
With an overwhelming variety of flowers offered at almost every market these days,
it is difficult to choose an arrangement for those you love
on Valentine's Day. 
Still, you just can't go wrong when giving flowers,
from fresh cut tulips, orchids, peonies, lilacs, sunflowers...
they're all tokens of love and offer up their own special, unique story
fresh cut orchids
There are thousands of species of orchids,
yet fresh cut orchids make for a delicate yet elegant bouquet. 
Their exotic allure is associated with love, beauty, wealth and strength. 
Popular since the ancient Greek times, the orchid's history runs deep,
and at times it has been used for medicinal purposes. 
They are valued not just for their beauty, but symbolize strength and prosperity as well.
 Of course, their light fragrance is intoxicating.

To me, tulips feel fresh and new and often are the first spring flowers to peek from the soil. 
Their only potential down side is their lack of fragrance,
so a great choice for those with allergies.

Let's be honest,
roses are the quintessential gift
 for Valentine's Day. 
The color you choose tells a special story. 
Red symbolizes true love, yellow friendship, white purity and pink everlasting youth. 
Dispense with the filler flowers like baby's breath and how about opting for a classic hand tied arrangement for an elegant sophistication?

Source: tumblr.com via tamara on Pinterest

or maybe a looser arrangement in an unusual container such as a wooden or lacquered box?

roses just off the truck at NYC's early morning wholesale flower market

my trip to the London flower district in September
 and in the Rose world,
the Old Garden varieties
are the cream of the crop...

love this arrangement at the champagne lounge at Decorex in London in September -
the loosely arranged flowers feels just plucked from the garden
 Garden variety roses are often called English Roses or Old Garden Roses. These are quite different than your regular run of the mill roses we see today. They date back centuries, and are great grandparents to the smaller, tighter bud roses we see in many of today's florists. These can be traced back to the Roman Empire, and were used in the affluent family's to signify wealth and decadence. The Garden varieties have larger, looser buds, and sometimes look more like a Peony. Quite fragrant they practically scream "love" so ask for them by name at your local florist - you will be smitten.

not near a good floral shop?

You can
Order Roses Online Here  
  Although reluctant at first, I have ordered flowers online quite a bit recently,
and find the quality generally good.
Old Garden Roses
have a delicate beauty,
and because there are many varieties
it is hard to explain their one defining characteristic,
but you will swoon when you behold them!