Tuesday, September 11

My favorite tables designs at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton

nesting, nest by tamara, interior design, house and garden, tabletop
The annual Hampton Classic Horse show 
has something for everyone -  beautifully set tables, 
people watching, horses, and great food
nest by tamara, nesting, interior design, house and garden, tabletop
The riders and families in our barn prepared a potluck dinner 
for Grand Prix Sunday - country chicken, filet mignon with horseradish sauce, a green salad, pasta, 
cheese and charcuterie platter and homemade herbal iced tea
Hermes is one of the sponsors of the Hampton Classic, 
and this year they brought in these stylish orange
jumps for the Grand Prix course

My annual Hampton Classic stories are filled with lots of children riding ponies, world famous equestrians on expensive mounts in the Grand Prix, snippets of my daughter's courses in the
Junior Hunters, everyone dressed in their "Sunday" best donning hats
and watching from under the tents from pretty set tables.  
Gabby Stephenson jogging in to take a ribbon on Friday in the Junior Hunter Classic
Now if you're not a horse person you may be scratching your head 
about all this excitement.  To be honest, there are hundreds of equestrian events all over the world and many riders of all ages attend dozens each year.  What I find particularly interesting at Bridgehampton's Hampton Classic is the amount of non-equestrians that turn out for this annual event.  
 this year I designed a sunny yellow and blue colored table under the Chalet tent for our barn, Haverhill in Bridgehampton 
I opted for a tall vase filled with lemons and Casablanca Lillies, thistle and wild flowers.
nesting, new york city, interior design, nest by tamara, tabletop
  Set in a farmer's field transformed each August into a world class equestrian event, the Hampton Classic draws fashion industry sponsors like Fendi and Hermes.  Everyone from the local fisherman to the corporations come out to convene on the grassy fields to watch all ages show their horses at their finest.  I love horses and that is no secret, but from my interior designer view Grand Prix Sunday is especially fun with all the eye candy under the tents.  I love seeing all the creative inspiration when each table, huddled together to watch the Grand Prix (which by the way usually only takes about 30 minutes to finish), is turned out with vibrant colors and festive centerpieces. Some of the best riders in the world arrive in Bridgehampton and over the course of the week qualify to take a coveted spot in the Grand Prix jump off.  
I like to photograph my favorite tables, so come take a look:
nesting, new york city, interior design, tabletop, nest by tamara
a regal table over at rider Leah Lane's table.  
Her mom and dad brought a fabulous antique equestrian weather vane 
 they obtained from the original Tavern On The Green 
which they hoisted over a bale of hay and jump to create a unique table

My friend Victoria Vandergriff with her 
equestrian daughter Hannah Benhamo
brings a fashionable perspective each year to her table. 
This year's hot pink theme was vibrant.
 who doesn't love hot pink macarons 
straight from Ladure as a table centerpiece 
with hunters caps topping it off
even down to the individual bottles of pink rose,
 the table was well stocked.
more favorites by sponsors, such as:
Hermes brought one of their famous scarf patterns to life draped as a tablecloth. 
Check out the parting favors hanging on each chair wrapped in their orange shopping bag

 the simplicity of white daisies on a striped tablecloth was divine
 the Robbins Wolfe table was pretty in coral and blue.  
They are the official caterer at the Hampton Classic

 Hamptons Magazine stood out with blue and white  
hydrangeas set in Chinese cachepots 
  some people brought in vintage chairs, 
farmhouse tables and the creativity was flowing

local wine vineyard and equestrian stables Wolffer Estates 
created a stunning nature inspired table

a dramatic cascade of blue hydrangeas, a local favorite flower, 
for the Corcoran real estate table
Gabby Stephenson competing in the Hermes Derby on Sunday As you can see there were some lovely designs, festive meals and lots of hard working riders and horses
nest by tamara, nesting, interior design, tabletop, house and garden
Happy Nesting 
xo Tamara


custom stickers said...

Great collection. I like blue and with colors matching with table clothe.

custom stickers said...

Great collection. I like blue and with colors matching with table clothe.

Anonymous said...

the Hermes table is stunning. I enjoyed the story Tamara. Do you know if they sell those table linens? Charlotte Colle

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