Tuesday, November 26

Let's set a creative Thanksgiving table...think outside "the box" and enjoy the moment

I hope you have a 
Happy Thanksgiving

start with setting 
a creative table...
enjoy the process
Let's take a moment in our busy week to think about setting a Thanksgiving table.  I like to change it up each year, and although I have varying antique and formal porcelain serving pieces, I decided to add some newer items to my holiday table for a light, fresh look this year.  I almost always set my table first thing during the quiet of the morning before my busy day begins, and I enjoy the creative process of making it whimsical and creative.  I know Thanksgiving will be busy with cooking and baking and visiting with my family, so this is first on my list.  I had picked up some festive plates with a holiday motif at HomeGoods and plan to use a collection of vintage English silver I bought years back at a London flea market, then potted two cranberry-colored orchids in mossy pots, brought out my vintage German porcelain gold and black salad plates to mix.   I added unique glittery place mats and tablecloth, iridescent blue/green glasses from Ralph Lauren, Williams Sonoma, and TJ Maxx.  On the table came a lacquered black and lime green tray I had already from Mecox Gardens and added two over sized green and yellow pumpkins. To top it off, I added adorable straw and gold hedgehog accessories for whimsy. 
My philosophical note to contemplate this Thanksgiving...whether setting a table, painting a canvas, acting, writing or almost any activity think of this quote, and it reminds to think "outside the box" and take risks, 
keeping creativity in your back pocket.  
Who would have thought 
little straw hedgehogs would look fabulous on a Thanksgiving table? I bought them to decorate a Christmas tree for the Bartow Pell museum. 
I combined many items including English antique silver, Kings pattern & vintage German gold & white plates
I like to bring something natural to my table, and we picked these unusually color pumpkins from a field in Watermill earlier in the fall.  The pumpkins have light blue, green, ochre, yellow and coral colors on them.  The amber glass turkey is from Williams Sonoma and the antique windmill salt and pepper shakers I found at the East Hampton Mulford Farm antique show.
this neutral yet gold-flecked tablecloth adds a little bling then I bring it up a notch with the shimmery place mats.
Don't be afraid to mix and match and layer on your table -- these plates are from Homegoods ($5.00 a piece), and a throwback to antique plates my aunt Patsy used on her table when I was little.  I picked them up for $5.00 a plate at Homegoods.   To make it ring a little modern, I layered with my own German vintage gold plates. 

shimmering place mats spice it up
My napkin ring collection is from Italian paper company, 
Il Papiro, and the flame pattern is my favorite.
 Il Papiro makes note cards, trays, picture frames, napkin rings and many more items in this pattern and others in varying colors. Each napkin ring I have is a different color combination in reds, greens, pinks, blues and yellow -- the flame is a traditional Italian pattern.  

  these cranberry orchids add color to the table
the color scheme of ochre, yellow, light blue and green with little bits of gold, black and cream 
works well with my new rug compliments of Medallion rugs.
the shimmery blue/green glasses and blue/cranberry toile and floral pillows 
add to the color story
I'm dashing off to make cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and dressing for my turkey.  
Enjoy your holiday  -- I would love to see your pretty Thanksgiving tables, please send me
me your photos -- I'll add them to my blog and Pinterest board! 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara