Thursday, October 2

beautiful handcrafted nests made in Northern California will grace my kitchen design for Art of the Table in NYC

Philosophies On Nesting, 
The Blog 
& These Incredible, Handmade Nests By 
When I decided to write a blog over six years ago the word nest immediately came to mind.  After years of working as an interior designer and building on a passion about all that encompasses the home, the idea of writing about it was appealing.  I hoped to share my knowledge and perspectives about designing a home, and not just the technicalities of interior design but infusing a philosophy of how to make the process joyful and rewarding.  To me, our homes should not just become a show place of expensive items, but an extension of our passions and loves.  Many people feel they cannot truly live in and entertain in their home until it is perfect, but I suggest to relish in the daily moments.  Don't wait until the kids grow up and no longer mess up your furniture, or until you have all the money you need.  Pull out the fine china when entertaining (get over the fear it may get chipped) and festively set the table even for a weekday meal with the family.  Utilize creativity and enjoy living and entertaining in your home, and I guarantee it will make you happy.  I hope over the years I have illustrated ways to do this.  Because I'm involved in many projects as a writer and designer, I do meet incredible talents along the way.  It continues to bring me pleasure to bring these sources to you daily.  

I chatted with Hugh Shurley of dogbonecross about his passions for dogs, making his stylish dog tags, and creating beautiful handmade nests.  His nests grabbed my attention as I started planning to stylize a kitchen for Art of The Table at New York City's Bilotta kitchen where Traditional Home magazine and Lenox will sponsor the gala on October 23.  Hugh took my call while he was hiking through the forest in Northern California near his home, where he gathers his materials to create his nests.  Deliberately made, he shared with me the passion he puts into their creation, and even confided he has a hard time parting with them.  Hugh's designs are on Martha Stewart's radar too and he is listed in her American Made website, and commended as a 2013 design finalist.  He graciously sent me over four of these unique nests, which I plan to incorporate into my kitchen design.  He filled each one with a small item--a nettle,  leaf and an acorn in order to make them special.  They are mounted on small wooden blocks, perfectly poised to arrange on a table or hang on a gallery wall, which is exactly where they may wind up eventually in my own home. 

Last spring when traveling to the Italian kitchen show Eurocucina in Milan, I noted a trend where sleek, modern Italian kitchens were stylized with a bit of patina and nature-inspired wares to infuse warmth.  The kitchen of today is state-of-the-art but warm and inviting, and it is the room we primarily live in.  On that note, I plan to stylize for Art of The Kitchen by channeling an Autumn Saturday after arriving home from the farmer's market, and while in the throes of hosting friends over for dinner in the kitchen.
Please email Hugh at to order his beautiful nests, and in the meantime, please check out some of more of his designs below...
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara