Wednesday, October 8

Heading To Highpoint Furniture Market, And Lamenting About Design Trends

Why it's important for me to attend 
Highpoint Furniture Market?
Ever notice history has a way of repeating itself 
in fashion, music, art & interior design?  
For instance, the tweed jacket has fallen in and out of favor but we can almost all agree it's a classic.  Every color on the spectrum has been in style at one time or another. Although  I am not trendy, and my home is not either I am open to new ideas and influences.  My design style is quirky, some traditional items peppered with contemporary pieces, a lot of color, a smattering of antiques (flea market finds is a more honest assessment), great books, interesting objects and thought-provoking art.  Although my home doesn't change dramatically each season, I do like to keep current on the latest trends in design and add something new each season.  By staying current, I keep a grasp on the waves of ideologies swirling around and influenced by our climate, economy, world views.  I like to add that newness to my home or the homes of my clients.  Trends can cycle but they never truly go away, they just add to the layers of influences.  Trends keep the design world infused with modernity, adding onto our style which is shaped by our childhood, travels, interests, lifestyle and passions.  

glimpses from the Fall Bernhardt Furniture Collection
Elsa console table (above)
Bernhardt will be showing
select sculptural, metal pieces this Fall Market channeling "MetalSmithing" 
Marquesa cocktail table 
This is just one of the trends already trickling out from the upcoming Highpoint Fall Market.  I am grateful to be sponsored to attend Highpoint Fall Market by Bernhardt Furniture and Ambella Home, and I look forward to getting an up-close glimpse of their current collections, and bringing that back to you here on the blog.  It certainly is a compliment to be  considered stylish and on-point by Market as someone whose opinions matter.   Please look for my tweets and posts on social media using hashtag #HPMarket as well as stories following my trip.   These metal smith-inspired pieces show hammered detailing, sculptural shapes with perforated embellishments, embossing and with a woven hand-touched feel.  Bernhardt sent me over sneak peeks of their new line, and these are exclusive photos for me only and to share with my readers.  Please stop back for my favorite metal pieces this fall in an upcoming post, as well as stories from my Highpoint trip on October 17-21. 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
More pieces from Bernhardt's Fall collection.
The Everett console (above); Venetta console (below)