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Nest by Tamara's Favorite Rugs at Spring Market 2016: Calvin Klein Home at Nourison

 We Love The 
Gorgeous, Lush Nature-Inspired 
Rugs at Nourison 
There are many beautiful rugs on the market today, from antiques to modern designs.  What I like seeing about rugs lately is this unique transformation where many different techniques and design principles are making their way onto rugs.  
From distressing to metal work to geometric designs, to mixed medium applications--rugs are having their moment!  
There is no one type or style of rug that prevails now, but we are served up just as many options for rugs as we have always had for textiles, wallcoverings and furniture. 
I Love the rugs offered at Nourison Showroom 
at High Point Spring Market 2016.  
While traveling through Market on a whirlwind of showroom visits (I was sponsored this trip by Esteem Media's Design Bloggers Tour), I was instantly drawn to the Calvin Klein Home collection at Nourison.  Perfect timing for this story because this month of May I plan to dedicate a good amount of content to bringing my readers the ever evolving and growing Nature Trend in design.  Nature-inspired design is not a new trend but it's been on a trajectory upward for the past couple of years, and now it's becoming part of the fabric of our lives.  Bringing the outdoors in, weaving a love for nature, animals, and gems into our homes just adds to the layered, yet edited homes we now crave.  

It's not about decorating our homes anymore--it's not adornment, but, rather, it's incorporating our passions and loves into our homes while living gracefully and indulgently everyday - Tamara Stephenson
Bravo to that concept.  In keeping with that perspective let's turn our attention to the beautiful craftsmanship Calvin Klein Home has continually brought to Market, they do that with layered, detailed design but in the end they make their designs minimalistic, edited, clean-lined, fresh and modern.  These collections are transitional offering tonal contrasts and many of the designs are inspired by nature and the natural world.  I certainly want to scoop up one of these beauties for the next modern urban Penthouse project I am called to design!  
Take a look at my favorites...
PRAIRIE in Arctic color
channels nature with raw hides in varying neutral colors and hair direction.  Using all natural animal skin, this collection brings the beauty of nature to the home. I like the rawhides' contrasting hues all working together to create a layered, yet minimalistic aesthetic, that is also quite sophisticated.  
a shade darker in Palomino color

is made with Tibetan Lamb in a lush 5" pile and offered in smoky neutral palettes
MORITZ in Matterhorn Ivory color
 Matterhorn Ivory color
Smoke color

As if pulled from the quarry, GRADIENT in GRANITE
are warm rugs with neutral tones in a low pile collection of abstract designs.  Simple yet textured and artistic, with a painterly quality.
RIAD is a Morocco inspired shag rug 
 infused with Bedouin tribal patterns in the design, 
and it is soft with a gorgeous blue/black/neutral palette to boot:

evokes the feelings of Mountain Stone and influenced by ancient Mayan artifacts. Soft New Zealand Wool combined with Luxcelle fibers make for a durable yet plush rug. 
All of these rugs are plush and rich to the hand!
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Happy Nesting
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