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Holiday House Designer Show House Part II: Fashion Meets Home

Holiday House New York 2017
Sets a Fashionable Tone With Color This Year
by fashion editor, Susan Young
a gaggle of designers in Rio Hamilton's stylish space, commemorating the 10 year anniversary with photography on the walls. (below)--Holiday House's Grande Dame Iris Dankner looked angelic at the Holiday House Book signing fete in her pink champagne-tinted fur stole.
My obsession with both the fashion and interior design worlds act as inspiration for me. As the co-owner and co-designer of fabric and wallpaper for root cellar designs, I am in constant pursuit of bringing the two worlds I love together. I have to admit that color often sets the tone and leads the designs for both industries. It is no surprise then that when attending the recent Opening Gala for Holiday House’s 10th Annual Showhouse at the Upper East Side's iconic Academy Mansion, my ever-longing desire to connect the worlds of fashion and interiors came together.  The celebratory evening seemed torn straight from the pages of a fashion magazine as designers turned out chic rooms showing the latest designs and color trends also seen on the runway this season.  
I loved the lace-like tabletop designs in these high-style colors 
spotted on Kim Radovich's table at Holiday House NYC 2017
But, to digress for a moment (back to Holiday House gala in a moment), I am certainly not the only one connecting the fashion and interiors dots. As a matter of fact, global trend forecasting firm Fashion Snoops (who works closely with the fashion industry) recently partnered with High Point Furniture Market in order to develop a new strategy on cultural trends for retailers, designers and manufacturers.  Fashion Snoops reported last summer-
"High Point Furniture Market is now embracing some of the same tools that the fashion industry has been using for years to help itself stay relevant and on the cutting edge with both color and style." Jaye Anna Mize, Fashion Snoops Creative Director

With forecasted fashion colors for spring 2018 like meadowlark, cherry tomato, blooming dahlia, coral blush, rose violet, I saw much crossover into the interiors in my favorite spaces at Holiday House this year. These colors can be seen gracing upholstery, on drapery, on rugs and in the art and furniture at this designer show house. As I walked from floor to floor of this gorgeous historic mansion, I was inundated with pops of earthy yellows, pink-y violets, teals both rich and dusty, and rusty tones of brick and iron. Keeping in mind that Holiday House benefits breast cancer research, and I cannot help but feel the blush-heavy hues throughout the house this year hold special meaning for their 10th year anniversary.

Upon entering the grand parlour, I visited the cozy room off to the right, which is designed in the likeness of a fashion atelier. Renowned interior designer, Vanessa DeLeon created a sultry powder room with a 1940’s vibe complete with a mannequin wrapped in a stunning gown she designed herself--it’s multiple layers edged in a blush pink silk satin. Simply brilliant!

Also taking this gorgeously soft and versatile  blush color to task at Holiday House is designer Robin Baron.  Her “spring awakening” rooms are donned with copious variations of pink, from blush to ballet, carried throughout the wall art to the large scale mural-esque custom wallpaper.  

I wandered into another sanctuary channeling spring, a space designed by Jacqueline Hosford who, dressed in blush velvet,  “grounded” herself and posed for our photograph. When visiting Alyssa Kapito‘s “bank holiday” room, I came across Andrew Joseph public relation team member, Byron Cordero (a fashionisto himself) donning a bovine inspired blazer patched with a blushing flesh tone--on point once again!
 Byron Cordero looking dapper
Interior designer Natalie Kraiem's  sitting room/art studio had one of my favorite pieces of geometric art hanging on one of the walls of her serene space, and note the whisper of pink color to boot!
Industry ambassador, designer, photographer and dapper dresser Rio Hamilton created a special “moments room” to celebrate the ten year anniversary. He floated golden balloons in his cozy space which was papered with his own soft black and white images, chronicling the event's buoyant history and honoring those supporting this worthwhile cause. Yes, this year's gala is once again a mega dose of eye candy, and to my delight, seamlessly connects the worlds of fashion and interiors through their most common denominator, color. 
Lucinda Loya's sitting room is layered with lots of trending color and then she popped it with these ruby slippers 
The House is open to the public until December 6--run, don't walk and purchase your tickets here to visit!

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