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Holiday Inspiration-- The Beauty and History of the Christmas Tree

a Little History Lesson In the Origin of the 
Christmas Tree,
And Seven Trees I Decorated Over The Years I love a well decorated Christmas Tree the smell, the lights, the adornments, and it sets the tone for a festive season.  When I saw 0ne of the gorgeous trees that just went up this weekend in Windsor Castle, it inspired me to write a Christmas tree story and share some history and photographs of my own trees over the years.   Just one of the Queen's Nordmann fir trees  in Windsor Castle 2019 The History of The Christmas Tree The First Christmas tree has been historically traced to the 15th century in Livonia.  Research suggests evergreen trees were erected in the home for the holidays along withthe Christmas Pyramid, a triangular construction of wood,with shelves to hold Christmas figurines, decorated with evergreens, candles, and a star. By the 16th century, the Christmas Pyramid and was once called the Paradise Tree had merged, becoming the Christmas tree.  On the last night of Chri…

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