Thursday, December 13

Our Favorite Windows & Holiday Displays in NYC 2018

1. Rockefeller Center
You Know about the Twelve Days of Christmas...
Today We Offer
 Our Twelve Favorite Holiday Designs
New York City,
 Christmas 2018
2. Ralph Lauren 
Walking down Madison and Fifth Avenues this December is such a treat--  there is an array of beautifully decorated shop windows and displays that are over the top (in a good way).  It's a great activity to put yourself in the "Christmas Spirit".  We started uptown by the MET museum and then worked our way down over thirty five New York City blocks (urban legend deems 10 blocks is a mile) and arrived at Rockefeller Center. My takeaway-- this year artists are being recognized in a big way for their creativity and it adds to the luster of the holiday season here in New York City.  Over at Bergdorf Goodman (my all time favorite department store), they are offering a medley of sophisticated wares, and the seventh floor has long been my favorite spot to stop in over the holiday season.  This year, they showcase artists throughout the store.  We are taken with their in-residence artist Ashley Longshore whose gallery of works are woven into the holiday decor from a complete gallery showing called Palette in the downstairs cafe, to displays mingled in with fashion (a lot of gorgeous Gucci) on the 3rd, 5th and 7th floors as well.  These oversized glossy paintings (many depicting iconic women in fashion) seems to almost pokes fun at fashion in a lighthearted way, and act as a lovely foil to the jewel-toned garments on the swanky racks in the store.  Who doesn't love beautiful depictions of Audrey Hepburn with a swirl of candy encrusted hat with butterflies?  That's exactly what Longshore is serving up.  So, let's hope that 2019 continues down the path of valuing artistry and creativity, and if so we are on a great trajectory. Take a look at our twelve favorite holiday views in New York City this season...
3. Hermes
4. Louis Vuitton
5. Dolce & Gabbana
6. Laduree
7. Gucci
8. Nest by Tamara story about the candy-inspired
BG windows  
9. Bergdorf's seventh floor
10. Ashley Longshore at Bergdorf 
downstairs cafe, 3rd, 5th and 7th floors.
 11. Macys
12. Tiffany & Co.
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara