Thursday, November 15

Let's Ring in The Holiday Season with Sapphire Blue For The Home!

Sapphire is the 
Color of The Month this November!
Sapphire has been top of mind in our designs lately.  I keep remembering this story published in Luxe magazine (profiled above) awhile back showcasing a gorgeous home in Dallas with lacquered sapphire-colored walls.  Let's just say we are over the moon for Sapphire.  I am partial to any room painted well in a lacquered finish (especially rich colors) because it creates instant drama.  But, these sapphire walls in this dining room bring an unexpected brightness even in this dark shade.  Blue is my favorite color for decorating, and it is also a favored hue for our clients and for our wallpaper and fabric.  It's no surprise then that it is the most popular color in the rainbow for interiors, yet this specific sapphire blue is unique.  Unlike it's indigo cousin, sapphire is less moody, more electric and vibrant then other blues without being loud, yet it still offers that calming effect that blue brings to every space.  

The fashion world has also been smitten with blue recently, and the runways showing myriad jewel-colored tones in the upcoming season.  Many people look fabulous swathed in jewel toned palettes, so that is a plus!  Over in our root cellar designs' studios, we deemed Sapphire the Color of the Month for November. You may remember, September was Saffron, then October Amethyst so it's all coming together nicely with a vibrant Fall and Holiday Season! 
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Our Color of The Month programs allows us to expand our fabric and wallpaper offerings by coloring our existing patterns with this new hue.  We are sending these new swatches off to our showrooms and favorite design clients.  Please see just a few, and do not hesitate to drop us a line if you'd like a swatch in our linen/cotton textile for your design library at

small underwater sapphire, tandoor sapphire
branchy coral, sapphire; flutter, sapphire
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara