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Wednesday, October 16

Four Design Trends That Are Not Trendy Seen At The Brooklyn Designer Showhouse

Four Interior Design Trends noted at the
Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse,
Fall 2019
Brooklyn has become the hub of all that is "cool" and it promises a blending of historic, classic and modern altogether.  With all the artists taking up residence in Brooklyn, it's no wonder the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse (which debuted in September) should set the tone for what's happening in design.  The Brooklyn Showhouse takes place in a historic 1820's wood framed house on a tree-lined street at 13 Pineapple Street.  It's open to the public until November 3, 2019. 

Let's look at four design trends on the rise- these have been percolating for quite some time and we don't see them as trendy yet they continue to send ripples throughout the design world.  We enjoyed seeing them at the Showhouse where these talented designers put their unique stamps on the trends.  The design world has forever changed, yet these trends which harken to days gone by, are returning with a modern vision... 
Brooklyn Heights Gardens
Well, we certainly now know that after a few years of this craze seen everywhere (on ceilings, in kitchens too), wallpaper is here to stay.  But, not like your grandmother's wallpaper, today's wallcoverings are a mix of old and new and with modern digital technologies, the possibilities are endless.  There is the small scale, the bold, the oversized and the completely unique. 
Harry Heissmann
Justin Scott
Kim Tomasino
Murphy Waldron 
2. EARTHY CRUNCH- the earth color tones, organic shapes, brown woods and antiques are strong. Terra cotta colors have not been popular for quite some time, but here seen mixed with ochre and dark, moody colors they feel edgy.  Designers have been talking about the return of "brown" wood furniture for at least a year, and judging from all the wood at the showhouse, it's a perfect tonic of local-made, artisan furniture combined with antiques.
Hendley & Co.
Jesse Parris-Lamb
Bersanti Desmone
not since the return of window treatments in the 1980s  has there been made a modern-day fuss over  jabots, festoons, swags and cornices. Today's designs are a modern take on a properly dressed window and beds. It is refreshing to see them return.  
Barsanti Desmone
Rinfret Group
Hendley & Co.
Asher Davis
The Showhouse benefits the Brooklyn Heights Association
New York Cottages & Garden is the magazine sponsor
And, designers participated include--
Bersanti Desmone
Brooklyn Heights Gardens
Bromley Landscape Design
Harry Heissmann, Inc.
Hendley & Co.
Isabelo Satori/Station Haus
Jessie Parris-Lamb
Judi Schwartz Interiors 
Kim Tomasino Interiors
Mikel Welch Design for Room & Board
Murphy Waldron Interiors
Rodney Lawrence Inc.
The Rinfret Group

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