Tuesday, July 6

Fourth of July thoughts...

What I love about the Fourth of July holiday....
in keeping with my "green" philosophy for the month, or at least my own quirky green ideas of keeping it simple for July, we had a quiet Fourth of July celebrating the beauty of the surrounding areas in Eastern Long Island. When I wrote my first post last May 2009 about "digging in the dirt" the philosophy was being sprouted about finding the joys and simple beauties around you in life. I have been on a journey of sorts this past year, discovering artists and other talents who seem to hit on this point exactly. After finishing Dominique Browning's (former editor of House & Garden magazine) newly released book, Slow Love Life, which investigates this very concept, I am even more inspired to discover the simple beauties of life. I recommend this as a summer read.
I often hear people complain about the traffic, crowds and general excesses of The Hamptons. Well, there are lots of crowds, but quite frankly, there are so many wonderful places that are still undiscovered, away from the hustle and bustle of the swells. Parts of Montauk to Louse Point, the east end can still be a restful place with natural beauty surrounding if that is what you desire. You certainly can stand in line for hours to obtain a seat at the latest trendy restaurants, and somtimes that is fun, but there is also the other Hamptons.

From grilling clams, shucking corn, sharing family dinners to canoeing 
and crabbing in Springs, fishing at Maidstone Beach in Springs, the Hamptons harkens back to another time and place in America.

Fireworks over Sag Harbor

Happy Fourth of July!


Lisa said...

This post warms my heart. It's good to see family just being family. We are so fortunate to have them & to live free in America! Only wish Collier could still fit on my lap.
xo Lisa

Tamara Matthews-Stephenson said...

thanks Lisa - you asked me what inspired me to start writing this blog, and that has got me thinking about doing a blog post on that very subject....coming in August. thanks again for your inspirations!