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Sunday, May 1

May Day, pink, cupcakes, dancing and don't blink....spring is here!

May 1 is here
and to many it conjures up images
of a lovely spring Maypole Dance

The infamous Maypole Dance:
has lots of origins that go back to pagan times -- After I did some research it is apparent this dance has many meanings in different cultures; fertility, marriage, spring, harvest, farming.  However, the actual dance in which ladies gather in a circle and hold a colored ribbon attached to a much smaller pole, seems to mark the beginning of spring. As the dance commences the ribbons are intertwined to the large center pole. The dancers retrace their steps exactly in order to unravel the ribbons. Many people believe this style originated in the 18th century, and is derived from Italy and France. It became popular in the London stage and there reached a larger audience in a grander scale. The ribbon maypole dance then spread across much of England, and is now regarded as the most 'traditional' of May Day's characteristics.

May 1 is a birthday in our family too!

 When I think of Spring, I think of the lovely Maypole Dance; ribbons,outdoor fields and budding flowers. 
I love May 1 and even as a little girl I loved to read books about the Maypole Dance.

How ironic
that my baby girl was born on this magical day.

And, magical she is!

When my friend Lisa Porter over at the
wrote a post about her family,
and later a beautiful story about relationships with daughters,
 it touched my heart.

Lisa put into words the deep bond that a mother feels with her daughter. 
 It's complicated at times and lots of work, but the rewards are plentiful

There's all the cakes and messes we've made in the kitchen...

the endless hours we've spent with horses...

But, the fun never seems to end with G and
looking at life through her eyes is a joyous ride 

 I am so blessed that we have had a special bond from the very first moment she arrived...

Happy May Day
Sweet Sixteen
to my ray of sunshine and goodness! 

 Please stop back next week for the start of May's topic: 
Spring decorating makeovers,
starting with a historic Connecticut converted barn


quintessence said...

So lovely Tamara!! I loved that post of Lisa's as well as I do yours. Your daughter is beautiful - she looks just like you!! And the cupcakes are adorable - wishing G and you a wonderful day!!

quintessence said...

I remember Lisa's post. It was lovely as is yours. G is beautiful - she looks just like you!! And love your adorable cupcakes. Wishing G a wonderful b'day. Hope you all enjoy this glorious day!!

Lisa said...

Good morning T,
We are truly blessed
to have both sons & daughters!
As I've read Nest
over the last couple of years
I've had the pleasure of getting to know
a bit about Gabby.
What a beautiful young lady!
With your gracious guidance,
she has grasped the importance
of an open mind, timeless style,
reverence towards her fine family
and her smile can light up
the corner of a room!
Happy sweet 16 Gabby
from one of your many
adoring "blogger" moms!

Shay Geyer said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! What a blessing a life with daughters is! I love my little girls & the time we spend together! Your daughter is simply stunning! You must be very proud :-)

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Dear T, Happy Birthday to the talented + beautiful G! And, best May Day wishes to all there. oxo

Renae Moore said...

Miss T,
What a sweet post, brought tears to my eyes. Your Gabby is precious and oh the joy she has brought all of her 16 years. What a special day for a special girl. Happy birthday Gabby from yet another bloggy 'Mom'!

Tamara Matthews-Stephenson said...

Thanks ladies -- you are all so sweet to add such nice comments...means a great deal. I almost didn't post it because it's not about design or entertaining, but yet love and family really make a happy Nest after all, right? It has been fun to have G be a part of my blog and with her help on the photography it's been fun journey. I should write a post about our adventure western riding for 3 hours in the forest on Sunday -- I even donned a cowboy hat! My little boy is such a help too and will have to do a post about his contributions soon -- he has a blog now -- A Kid's Pencil! He loves to write and illustrate, and watching his mom blogging has inspired him.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

No one speaks from the heart like our incredible friend Lisa Porter. Sending many..many belated happy sweet 16 birthday wishes for your beautiful Gabby. For those of us that have daughters I think we can all agree they bring us such joy, such amazement and some sleepless nights too; but we all wouldn't have it any other way, right? I hope the celebration of Gabby's birthday was a marvelous day? Her cupcakes were darling.

Sending a hug to you Tamara, fabulous job as a mom! x

jb @BuildingMoxie said...

unbelievable that they grow up! all the best for a great May. Funny too my youngest has so many ponies/horses... so I definitely can relate with that, and stepping over them -- great pics and May is good too! Thanks for sharing this T!