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Happy Fourth of July -- Let's put together a beach picnic!

Happy Fourth of July 2011

What are you doing this holiday?

I'll be enjoying a picnic at the beach and watching the fireworks with my family

Let's start with a look at
fabulous beach picnics

photograph courtesy of Tumblr: Moon2Moon blog

Let's face it when we finally do embark upon that fun summer picnic we pine away for all winter long, it often doesn't wind up looking quite as stylized as this beach photograph above.  We rush to the beach or field, unpack all the loot and get to picnicking.  Slow down folks it's a picnic -- enjoy and languish in all the details of this decadent experience.  Do something unexpected like bring some musical instruments or throw pillows or in the case of the above photograph a large flat surface to use as a table. 

We head to the beach many evenings in summer in time for all the crowds to leave.  We set up camp, bring our lantern, fire, shovel and prepared foods and make ourselves a regular bonfire complete with Smores.  It's not as difficult as you think and I have some fun and easy tips to bring your way. 

Photograph from Southern Elegance
We all know a delicious herb and
 lemon infused Iced Tea is the taste of summer

How easy is this herb-infused Iced Tea recipe by Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa):  My mother made the best iced tea when I was growing up.  Part lemonade, part juice and always infused with her fresh garden herbs, Judy' lemon Tea was legendary.  She'd make large batches in large thermos containers for our regular day trips to Fire Island.  I happen to be a fan of the Mason jar turned juice cup and it conjures up images of drinking lemon tea in the garden.  You can make this tea well in advance and bring along on your beach picnic...

To spiff it up a bit don't forget to bring fun plates --  either tin or shatter free varieties.  And, nice thick cloth napkins add a touch of elegance -- I roll a set of striped linen dish towels that I bought while on a trip to Paris.  They work as wonderfully luxurious picnic napkins.  For a little less fancy, I bring along throw-away checkered napkins that come on a roll from Williams Sonoma. 

For plates, I bought fresh new designs this year that are beach worthy produced by my favorite summer company, Calypso for Target

Next, take inspiration from the ocean:

boats in Sag Harbor
view of Montauk's beach from the fence
Montauk lighthouse

Remember last summer I wrote a post about
 taking weekend guests to the beach for dinner
Read Here for recipes and tips.

Please drive safely
enjoy the fireworks,
food and fun

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Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth of July and now it officially feels like summer. Sunburns and summer feet, and these great beach picnics. I hope to share one with you guys this summer in East Hampton. Melissa