Thursday, July 14

Meet Shari Markbreiter of MH Studio

My friend interior designer
Shari Markbreiter of MH Studio
invited me to this fabulous show house
in Westchester a few weeks ago.
Shari designed the Master Bedroom

Take A Look:

 Shari of
New York City

 love the opposing chunky chairs and the ethereal painting anchors the space, don't you agree?

this beautifully detailed dressing table would make any woman happy, and the tall crystal lamp is a fabulous shape and perfect height for applying makeup -- Baby Blue Birkin frames nicely.  Hurrah for refreshingly clean-lines on window treatments too and this graphic fabric used throughout feels neutral yet brings a nice repeat of geometric detailing.

 can't get enough of books, and I stack them in my interiors too.  The color palette is soft, yet with a great use of color.  Gotta love the ming-ish leg on that fabulously shaped slipper chair.  The Swedish looking end table is is roomy enough to hold books, candles and water. Great use of different materials:  dark wood leg with lighter wood table behind, textured rug in neutral, draped bed (are usually traditional but this one has a modern appeal)

A good designer thinks of the big picture but the devil is in the details...
love this touch!

Thanks for a glimpse Shari and
we look forward to seeing what
you are up to in the future.


Anonymous said...

Great room and she uses my favorite color blue. I like your new avatar too Tamara and that Hot Pink is great. Lisa Hutchinson Of LK

Anonymous said...

looks like we'll see you at tonight's Dans Two Forks. There is so much to do here in LI and not sure how you find the time to write these posts Tamara, but happy you do. Love the room by MH Studios. Lotsa Love, P.F.

Shari Markbreiter said...

Tamara - thank you so much for this lovely post on my show house room. It's such an honor to be featured on Nest by Tamar, one of the most interesting and fastest growing design blogs. I love following Nest and thank you for sharing me with your followers. Shari Markbreiter from MH Studio