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Summer's End: Entertaining views from famous equestrian event, The Hampton Classic

2011 Hampton Classic Grand Prix Sunday festivities

McClain Ward taking the Grand Prix Championship
 yesterday on Antares F
photograph courtesy of the Hampton Classic

As the last days of summer slip away, let's ponder the fun of the Grand Prix Sunday festivities at the world class equestrian event, The Hampton Classic. I captured some of the exquisite tables at this year's famous equestrian event in Bridgehampton, which draws riders and horses from around the world.   With corporate sponsors and non profit foundations coming out in force, this is an event that spares no creativity.  Some of the world's best equestrians compete, and the week culminates with Grand Prix Sunday under the tents overlooking the ring.  We were ringside with our gracious hosts Victoria and Gadi Benhamo.  Check out the sunny yellow and brown colored table and delicious food Victoria presented to her guests:
Our hosts Victoria and Gadi Benhamo

perfect views --ringside in the Chalet tents


of course there are weeks and weeks of training....

local Bridgehampton trainer Patrick Rice with son Matt giving Gabby instruction on local day

 ringside treats for the horses....

Read about my views of  Grand Prix Sunday in my East End Nest column
for local East Hampton magazine, Dan's Papers
In riding there are often disappointments, and sometimes victories!
My daughter Gabby taking Champion of Local Amateur Hunter Division on Man of The Hour

Let's take a walk through the VIP tent and see what some expert floral, food and style designers have cooked up for this extravaganza:
 all set under the majestic sky in eastern Long Island


lavendar everywhere....FTI's Chalet Tent

Pink ruled at Wolffers Estate table...

At the Classic, I bumped into my friend Pamela Morgan (event extraordinaire).  You may remember Pamela and I worked on a non profit event for the Flawless Foundation

together back in April - it was an amazing sit down dinner at the Otto Khan Burden Mansion in New York City.  Celebrity Chef David Burke created the delicious food, Amy Dragoo and I arranged the flowers and Pamela orchestrated all the details of the event as it came together.

Here's what Pamela had to say about cooking in the Hamptons --

"The Hamptons has everything a cook desires... produce at its peak with the best farmers's markets,
fresh seafood and prime meats and incredible grocery stores to boot.
I love cooking and entertaining here in this relaxed atmosphere.
I find that meals are more casual and that allows me to be even more
creative and laugh more in my kitchen.
It's all about family time in the Hamptons.. al fresco dining is key

and keeping it simple is my motto".  PAMELA MORGAN

photograph courtesy of Pinterest

I enjoy watching Pamela's videos Flirting with Flavors on Plum TV in the Hamptons. Check out this video where Pamela walks us through how to make a delicious and easy to make
Red Sangria
 Pamela's website

Pamela offers informative cooking classes and there's time for the last class of Summer
 September 20
A Flavorful End to the Summer

Date: Monday, September 20, 2011
Time: 6-10pm

menu will include:
Grilled Shrimp with Homemade Harissa, White Gazpacho, Caprese Salad with Basil Oil, Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto….and Individual Plum and Blueberry Crisps for Dessert! a Pear Martini Cocktail and bonus recipes!   

Goodbye Hampton Classic and Summer 2011 --
thanks for the memories. 
photography credit: 
special thanks to Miles Stephenson for fabulous views of the
Hampton Classic tables.

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Anonymous said...

these tables are creatively put together and makes me miss summer already. thank you Tamara for this story and I love to listen to the music too. hope to see you during Fashion Week out and about in NYC. Charlene Walsh