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Beautiful hand-painted wallpaper made locally in the Hamptons by Elizabeth Dow

The Amagansett Applied Art Center

As you meander your way through route 27 heading out east on Long Island you will pass a welcoming big red barn in Amagansett. Over the past few years both my children have attended the art camp there called the Amagansett Applied Art Center. The camp offers hands-on studio work in a variety of art mediums.  As a budding photographer my teen daughter took photography classes, while my son learned new painting techniques and how to make homemade paper.

Elizabeth Dow's name is well known throughout the Hamptons and is synonymous with art. She recently expanded her business and opened her wallpaper studio in a historic Methodist church in Sag Harbor to make more room and create hand-painted wallpaper and textile collections. Elizabeth Dow Ltd. now houses it's design studio, factory and sales office at 48 Madison Street in the heart of the village.

Dow wallpaper high gloss paper
Architectural Digest
Dow wallpaper
Henry Bourne photo credit for Elle Decor
 Dow wallpaper
source:  pinterest
Dow Wallpaper from New York Observer pages
fashion designer Jason Wu's studio
Dow wallpapers have been growing in popularity for quite some time and even adorns the walls of famous digs; including the White House, fashion designer Jason Wu's studio, and the home of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  

Moving the studio to the Sag Harbor church offers the company a more expansive space, yet in a creative backdrop.  The company was founded in 1992 in Manhattan, then moved to Amagansett's Applied Art School in 2005 when Dow took the helm as the school's director. 
Sag Harbor Methodist Church
new digs for Dow Wallpaper

about the wallpaper:
Dow utilizes low VOC, water-based paint to create 250 wallpaper patterns.  She makes striped, striated, silver and gold leaf high gloss lacquer, natural fibers, grass cloths, gilded metallic and more. She paints them, allowing to dry in between each process.  This labor of love has produced many unique and quality papers that are now available to the public. 

Praline Bombay wallpaper by Elizabeth Dow
Dow wallpaper the oval office

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carriesdesignmusings said...

I love the Dow wallpaper in Jason Wu's studio. When I saw it in the pages of a magazine, it reminded me of a wallpaper we had in our powder room growing up. We knew all the headlines by heart. great story