Tuesday, December 10

Behind the historic doors of the Hamptons at Christmas, part 3: fragments of the Bolyen family castle in England adds to a richly historic abode in East Hampton

Behind the historic doors 
in the Hamptons at Christmas time
thanks to the East Hampton Historic Society.
Part 3 - The Tiedemann House 
with Georgica Pond vistas brings 
together the East End history 
with an English, royal past.
With 500 year-old wood lining the walls from
Anne Boylen's English estate, Hever Castle in Kent, 
this East Hampton historic home
harkens to another genteel era.  
The antique wood is from the Boylen's 
granary and was transported to the home.

The first two homes had rather modern day perspectives, but this third house on the East Hampton Historical House tour holds the word "historical" to the highest value.  The home is gorgeous, old and with incredible water views, plus the interiors showcase antiques mixed together seamlessly with modern day wares.  Overlooking the incredibly calm Georgica Pond, this home boasts some of the most pristine views in the area.  The oak beams in the large, double height ceiling living room are 500 year old hewn oaken beams from Anne Boleyn's estate in Kent.  The wood was taken from the barn and granary and when combined on the walls of this historic home's oversized, living room, and the result is stunning.  The gorgeous architecture is steeped in tradition and history yet feels quite modern in approach.  the feeling of grain barns is realized in this architecturally stellar space, harkening to a great manor life with a decidedly casual elegance.  With an eclectic collection of Western American art, Georgian architectural detailing and modern crafts it all work together seamlessly in the home.

a devilish garden gnome brings good luck

even the antique porcelain collection is beautiful -- 
love the orange color!
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Happy Nesting
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