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Nest by Tamara's Holiday Design Book Review: Part 6, PERSONAL REFLECTIONS ON LIVING STYLISHLY, by Ronda Carman

who doesn't love a beautifully wrapped
design book for Christmas?

Today is
 Christmas Eve 
and the special day 
requires a special post.  
This marks the last post of my 6-day 
holiday book review series, and how celebratory to end with a glimpse of my friend Ronda Rice Carman's new book, 
Designer's Homes: 
Personal Reflections on Stylish Living.  

photo I took of Ronda at the Pink Door shop in NC
Ronda's first book (and most likely not her last) is chock-filled with views of designers and their very own homes.  There is something special about peering behind the doors of a designer's own home to see what they feel is special.  You may already know Ronda as the author of the popular lifestyle blog, All the Best, where she gets inside the heads of some stylish and talented folks.  I had the pleasure to travel and spend time with Ronda this month and learned first-hand how these talents she profiles in her book soon become her friend.  With her engaging southern charm before you know it, you are telling Ronda your life story!   In the book, she utilizes this gift to create an up close and personal view of these designers at home.  

Aaron Stewart, Martha Stewart, Ronda Carman, 
Kevin Sharkey & Bradley Clifford

When style maven Martha Stewart writes the forward to your book then throws you a lovely book launch party in New York City, you pinch yourself.  
This book is a must read for 2014!
 photo courtesy Martha Stewart
Here are three sneak peeks inside Ronda's fabulous book -  First, let's look at Kevin Sharkey's home. Kevin has honed his talents as the editorial director of decorating at Martha Stewart Living, and he is known for his impeccable taste while juggling a multitude of talents.  
a desk facing New York City
His home is a study in editing, modern design with gorgeous views, and because this is the first print publish of Kevin's home, it is especially poignant. Kevin's home is high above with spectacular views in the West Village of New York City.  He smartly made these views and light the focal point highlighting a muted palette, glamorous lighting and modern art.

Second, let's take a look at Ronda's coverage of two of famed interior designer David Hick's children.  Ronda profiles both India and Ashley Hicks in the book, and with different aesthetics both have fantastic taste, showing their inherited talent. I was immediately drawn to the lovely pink sofa in India Hick's home, which anchors the space with a splash of color.  India's home is on the tip of the quaint Bahamian island, Eleuthera called Harbour Island.  
Harbour Island feels like a mix of England, Bermuda, Nantucket and a tropical island all jumbled together.  Each quaint street is filled with wonder, and I cannot wait to return to this magical place.  It is easy to see why India made this area her home and place to raise her children.  Her Plantation-Style home has that special "collected" feeling rather than decorated, and we all just want to head over there after a day at the beach.  India talks about how she likes being near the ocean and leading an ordinary life.  This lifestyle has obviously influenced her designs.
I loved seeing Ashley Hick's designs in his parent's home in Oxfordshire, England.  The hand painted deep green walls (Ashley painted himself), portraits, and furnishings show the family legacy.  He adds other elements that make it unique, including that gorgeous mirror, his children's framed art, and a plethora of the color and material combining.
"an architect by training he obviously inherited his fathers flair for artful compositions and distinctive interiors"
 Designers Homes
Thanks Ronda for the views -- 
there's much to be gleaned here!  
You can pick up your very own copy of Ronda's book here.
 from my Holly Bough board
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