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Under The Pergola Cocktail Recipe: Fresh Watermelon Mojitos from Tamara, Jonathan & Toma!

Summer in East Hampton!
Under The Pergola 
with Nest by Tamara
Summer 2015
setting a pretty table thanks to our new fabric collections

A few years back I created this column, Under The Pergola (please find our stories on social media with the #underThePergola hashtag) as a place to share our fun summer recipes.  These posts offer up recipes, party ideas and sources, showing our family and friends gathering under our pergola in our East Hampton beach cottage, as well as other festive parties we attend as guests.  Since this is the last weekend of August, and summer 2015 is quietly slipping away, we bring you the full collection of posts in one place to help you with your own end of summer entertaining.  This year, summer has been a busy season filled with travel, work, family and friend visits and more. Having just returned from moving Gabby back into college, these last two weeks are a bit more quiet for us. Summer has always been the highlight of our year, relishing in the last few weeks together as a family, and with the kids growing up, life moves at a different, faster pace and gone are the Dog Days of Summer.  We love to cook, entertain and have fun together as a family and with our close friends.  This summer was no exception and we found time to entertain, prepare meals together "Under The Pergola" and here is a sampling of recipes, including today's Watermelon Mojito recipe from when two fabulous friends visited in July.  Jonathan Legate and Toma Clark Haines visited collaborated on this cocktail while having lots of laught.  Let's eek out the last bits of summer by taking a look at a few of our recipe post.  Please enjoy the sunshine!
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
 Tamara, Jonathan & Toma's
Summer Watermelon Mojitos
when creative friends get together, magic happens so such was the weekend with Jonathan and Toma.  We celebrated with friends who were in town for the Traditional Home magazine Hampton Designer Showhouse.  The three of us whipped up a festive cocktail to boot.  It was delicious, so please enjoy!
In a large glass pitcher-- ingredients per drink:
*equivalent of two slices of watermelon fresh watermelon juice straight from the blender then strained through a metal fine strainer)
*juice of one fresh lime
*2 tsp raw sugar
*2 oz white rum
Other Ingredients For Each Drink:
two lime wedges (to muddle)
small handful of mint leaves or fresh basil leaves**
crushed ice
garnish of fresh watermelon triangle (with rind on)
**Note:  the second time we prepared them we substituted the mint for fresh basil and we preferred the basil!

before guests arrived we juiced an entire watermelon, leaving slices for garnish.
In a pitcher we put our mixture above (per drink quantity).  In a glass we muddled the wedges of the limes and mint and left the limes in the glass. Just before serving we filled the glass with crushed ice and poured the mixture into the glass topped with a splash of Pellegrino. 
Delicious summer cocktail, light and flavorful!

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Here's to 
Celebrating Summer 2015

Did we mention it was Jonathan's Birthday?

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