Thursday, October 15

A special thank you to the Bradley showroom for including Root Cellar Designs In on a celebration of boutique artisan made wallpaper and fabric!

We are grateful to the 
Bradley Showroom
for inviting us to ADAC's Fall Market
Root Cellar Designs fabric can be purchased through the 
Bradley USA showroom
ADAC Design Center
3776 Green Industrial Way, Atlanta GA  30341         
 attention: Jenny Bradley, phone: (404) 816-9595 X 102  website:
Along with several other boutique artisan made fabric and wallpaper manufacturers, Susan and I were invited to present and debut our new fabric collection to design week ADAC.  Our fabrics by the yard now sell through the Bradley USA showroom in Atlanta.  We arrived during their busy Fall Market and the Bradley showroom provided us our very own booth to display our fabrics, they hung all of our fabrics in beautiful arrangements throughout their showroom, and even hosted a cocktail party in our honor.  During the day-long experience each one of us manufacturers had the opportunity to present our products and vision to a group of designers, customers and the local community over a delicious luncheon.  We created a Powerpoint discussion showing how we began our journey together to make our unique fabric patterns.  Each of our fabric patterns has a back story and history behind them and together Susan and I put passion, love and consideration into each pattern!  We offered up photographs of the many philanthropic events we have participated in over the past six months while launching Root Cellar Designs and the inspirations for our patterns.  This opportunity gave us an up-close view of our future clients, the Atlanta community and the artisans we work alongside in the community.  We want to send a warm thank you to the Bradley showroom owner Michelle and Keith Bradley and her delightful, hard working team for inviting us to be a part of this special program, placing an emphasis and value on small up-and-coming brands like ourselves, and giving us all the opportunity to share our story with their customers.  

Please take a look at snapshots of the experience, and do not hesitate to reach out to Bradley showroom if you'd like to purchase any of our 10 fabric patterns, offered in 3 colorways with a total of over 30 options.  The fabrics can be purchased through the showroom if you live locally in Atlanta, but Bradley will very soon be offering our patterns online as well through their new commerce site.   A special thank you for the other designers we worked with while at Bradley, and to the design and blog dynamic duo Krista Nye Schwarz and Tami Ramsay of Cloth and Kind for including us in their experience at ADAC.  

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

mushroom toile, cerulean

stickbug, green/blue--susan in front of mushroom toile, cerulean
Bradley showroom owner Michelle with Susan
We hope you will follow our peers, these 8 wonderfully talented wallpaper and fabric makers, and the group we shared our experience with at ADAC.  Each and every one of these artisans either demonstrated how they make their products or shared their story with us.  
Find their musings on Instagram at,

Root Cellar Designs offer 
10 patterns, 3 colorways with a total of 30 designs.  
Our patterns and colors shown above: 
photo, top left to right--mushroom toile (cerulean), 
chestnut toile (green, pink), 
fig toile (lavendar, green, wheat), 
lemon toile (blue, citrine, dusty teal), 
flutter toile (wheat, pink, tiffany)
bottom left to right--stickbug (lavendar, wheat/white), 
croc ( coral, aqua,), 
netting (lime, navy/white,), 
chics (aqua, coral, navy) 
geo small (wheat, dusty teal, cerulean), 

nutmeg, tiffany
Please note:
Root Cellar Designs fabrics are sold through the Bradley USA showroom and now also the Ken Kehoe showroom in Houston to the design trade.  
Ken Kehoe Showrooom, 
Houston Design Center
7026 Old Katy Rd., #261 Houston, TX 77024      
attention: Ken Kehoe  phone: (713) 523-0580 

netting, navy

lemon toile, dusty teal