Thursday, January 14

What To See At Maison & Objet in Paris, beginning with Sneak Peeks at 6 Emerging Artists

Paris Here We Come! 
Highlights of our Trip to the Upcoming 
Maison et Objet 
in Paris, France
January 22-26, 2016
There will be much to write about here on the blog following my trip to Paris.  At the epicenter of it all will be our visit to Maison et Objet.   This show brings the best, the brightest, the most genius design from all corners of the globe in one amazingly expansive, massively overwhelming, yet special place.  I am happy to capture it, and write about what moves me the most.  Once I edit it down, I will most certainly highlight my favorites in the hopes to inspire.  
Let's begin with the concept that the show sleuths out the 

"hidden gems of creation" and on that premise this year Maison is highlighting 6 emerging designer teams. They will be showcasing their designs at the Talents a la Carte space on the show floor.    Additionally, the show itself has made some changes in layout, making it easier to navigate.  Check out these 3 areas of design to help focus your time while at Maison Objet...
1. Maison:  
100% interior decoration from furniture to small objets, lighting & fabric--Halls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5B
2. Objet:  
home, kitchen gadgets from fashion to accessories, this is the essentials--Halls 5A and 6
3. Luxury Design:
state of the art, luxury lifestyle area with all you can imagine with innovation and technology--Halls 7 and 8

 all of whom will be exhibiting their designs 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara