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FASHION COLUMN: With Summer Comes Espadrilles--Rejoice!

Summer 2017 Fashion to Home
We Celebrate The Natural and The Beautiful,
 Starting With Our Shoes and 
Then Onto Furniture!
written by Fashion Editor, Susan Young
Serena & Lily's Venice Rattan Chair
As the summer equinox is getting ready to don us with its abundance of warmth and extra daylight, there exists a rite of summer that transcends cultures, socio-economic status, age, gender and bunions: wait for it…'s the Espadrille.
the, One of a Kind
According to One of a Kind, Espadrilles are a version of the earliest shoe, the braided sandal. This pair from the Archaeological Museum of Granada over 4,000 years ago.
photo, Populayer
What makes this summer shoe so special?
For starters, it has inherent and unparalleled properties of unequivocal comfort, social acceptance, veganism (at least the true classic canvas model) and simple, classic design that is both stylish and practical. All of these virtues have kept this ancient footwear on the top of summer’s most sought after fashion, regardless of current trends. The Espadrille has staying power, and has remained in favor over the years both in the high fashion world as well as in the local, tropical island neighborhood kiosks, and there seems an Espadrille for everyone's budget from bargain finds to bespoke samples on the runway.
According to Vogue editor, Laird Borrelli-Persson, Espadrilles have a long history and are timeless, and were shown in fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra's Spring 2016 Collection.
“evoked the sun-warmed Spain that Ernest Hemingway fell in love with in the 1930s: Naturally, it was accessorized with espadrilles. These humble, flat, rope-soled shoes, dating to the 13th century, have traditionally been worn by men and women. Yves Saint Laurent put them on a wedge in the early 1970s, and today Altuzarra lifted them higher with a ladylike heel. The effect . . . caliente!”  - Laird Borrelli-Persson, Vogue

Espadrilles go way back...
Cary Grant and Grace Kelly photo, Everett Colbert
Eunice, Jack, Patricia Kennedy
photo, Conde Nast
Salvador Dali, 1966 photo Lama eba Corbis 
Espadrilles by Chanel

Espadrilles by Celine, 
In Fashion:
Fashion house, Celine has shown them on the runway, and Chanel, Yves St. Laurent and many more fashion icons and houses have included the Espadrilles in their collections. Although Pheobe Philo’s intelligent edginess makes the Celine versions mouth-watering to a true footwear-phile, keep in mind, there are inexpensive versions readily available from sites such as Zappos to eBay.
Espadrilles by Chloe, Nordstrams 
Simply put, the Espadrille’s current high-style status is not too shabby for a shoe whose origins began with marching and combat footwear for the King of Aragon’s foot soldiers back in the 15th century. The beautiful rope, flax and pitch soles we have come to love in the shoe had real practical application, and these materials and construction were used to protect the soles over rough terrain!
In The Home:
It seems that these raw, natural materials are not just in favor in fashion, but in the home as well. The natural patina and wear ability of rope, rattan, wicker, straw and jute makes them popular for the home market. With the current trend of layering and utilizing many textures in the home, the use of natural material is stronger than ever. These items tell a nuanced, story of travel to exotic places, and they lure us in.
photo Nest by Tamara pin board
Just visualize the natural beauty of Wicker chairs, perhaps set out on a green lawn or under a pergola, beckoning us to come enjoy the outdoors! Or, a full set of rattan pieces on a breezy screened in porch? With these natural beauties, we certainly cannot resist.
photo Veranda 
I say, a perfect recipe for summer is to don a pair of Espadrilles and then after you’ve worn these comfy, errand-friendly “slippers”all day, kick them off when arriving home, plop yourself in a rattan settee, and pour yourself a tall glass of sangria (apropos as the King of Aragon hailed from Barcelona), then take in the summer evening and enjoy!