Tuesday, August 1

Recap Antiques in the Hamptons at the annual East Hamptons Antiques Show

Highlights Of Summer In The Hamptons,
A Recap of The Annual
East Hampton Antiques Show

each year I make a point of adjusting my schedule so I can stop into the East Hampton Antiques Show, specifically the Opening Gala which is set on the bucolic, historic property on the Friday evening before the opening of the weekend show. I love that it takes place on one of my favorite, spots in East Hampton, The Mulford Farm.  The entire event benefits the East Hampton Historical Society, and that is fantastic in my book!  One of the most important features to living in the Hamptons is the community's commitment to preserving history, and out here in the East End of Long Island there is plenty of rich history.  The Dutch settled here during the 1600s, and the architecture (including these pristine, gorgeous windmills) offer glimpses into that time frame for us.  Having an antiques show on this property is a perfect melding of the past with the future, and the show lures some of my favorite vendors from all over the United States.  

By attending the gala it offers an early buying opportunity, as well as a chance to chat with the vendors.  This year, I joined forces with the Antiques Diva and we brought along some of our favorite designers and writers for a press visit to the Hamptons.  I planned a two-day whirlwind of visits throughout the Hamptons from shops to artisan studios, and we ended with the gala on Mulford Farm.  The antiques were stellar, and it was a beautiful evening showing a clear,  summer sky, and the people-watching was incredible to boot. Famous Hamptonites mingled with local folks, and we all collectively appreciated the luxurious natural beauty here.  

most popular items at the 2017 show:
American flags, garden ornamentation, chairs (never too many chairs) and unusual garden & home accessories were topping the list of most popular items this year at the show.  
Take a look at highlights...

Rio Hamilton, Ron Marvin, Gabby Stephenson, 
Chris Fraser striking a pose!

spending a few minutes with Cottage & Gardens' Editor In Chief, Kendell Cronstrom 

even Martha Stewart came to shop, 
and looking very stylish to boot!.  
photo courtesy Rio Hamilton
(check out Rio's "runway" version of the show here)
right; residents Donna Karan and Kelly Klein
photo courtesy of Rio Hamilton
my daughter took many of these great photographs 
during the evening!
We chatted with Doni Belau, antique dealer and author of blog, Girls' Guide to Paris 
and were instantly smitten with her eclectic offerings.  

we stopped into Hampton Gather booth to see their offerings, and happy to hear they have a shop on Newtown Lane in East Hampton.  

as in every year, Andrew Spindler holds court in a coveted corner spot while many come far and wide to see what he brings from his Essex, MA shop.  

these chairs had me smitten!
Jack Deamer of JED antiques 
with his gorgeous grey poodle
showcased an eclectic array of antiques 
Donna Karan could not resist Charlie 
(the grey poodle from JED Antiques)

those eagles would look fantastic 
flanking my swimming pool...

designer Ron Marvin chatting it up 
with vendors at the show

but this pair of deer stole my heart...
I am happy to be a member of the East Hampton Historical Society, and they offer a plethora of programs and events throughout the year to the community, but summer is chock-filled with wonderful happenings.  For instance, this Friday, is an exclusive sneak peek into the life of Young Jackie from her childhood growing up in the East End. Hope to see you there!