Saturday, August 12

What We Love Column: Sea Anemones furniture

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Sea Anemones by Galerie BSL
With Summer full throttle, let's talk about the sea!  Well, it's not actually from the sea but it looks incredibly beautiful and takes us there...this unique furniture collection called Sea Anemones is made by hand in Paris by designer Pia-Maria Raeder with each 16,000 white beechwood rods for every piece individually fashioned, lacquered and assembled. The rods are arranged in wave-shaped patterning, and the bases are hand-casted of cement with a brass top.  Each creation takes over 400 hours to make. No, it is not a sea anemone, it just looks likes one, but is equally as intricate as the real creature.  These pieces are truly works of art.  The artist, Pia-Maria Raeder works on commission pieces as well. 
Pia Maria-Raeder
Galerie BSL
23 rue Charlot 75003, Paris

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara