Monday, September 11

What We Love Today column: The Benedict Pendant by Trella from Brooklyn, New York in Studio Van Den Akker at the D&D Building

 What We Love Today, 
trella studio's 
Benedict Pendant & Sconce
What We Love Today is our new column that showcases short and sweet finds. Designed for our busy weekday schedules, these posts are not wordy or long, but serve up quick, new offerings.   I recently popped into the design building in NYC, the D&D Building and came upon trella lighting by Timothy Mellema and Daniel Termini, a New York-based design duo working from a Brooklyn studio to create these unique lighting and furnishings.  Inspired by contemporary design yet channeling a historic commitment to craftsmanship.  We are especially taken with their new Benedict Pendant. These are hand made lights, and each one unique, with their very own patina and finish that ranges from Prussian blue brass to a more, satin blackened brass .  To me, they resemble a tulip and hold an influence from the Art Nouveau style. They are offered to the design trade at Studio Van Den Akker on the 15th floor of the D&D Building.    
represented through: 
979 Third Avenue
D&D Building, 15th floor
New York, New York  10022
phone, 212/644-3535
Benedict Wall Sconce 27"H X 9.5"D
blackened brass & satin brass.   
various finishes and configurations available.

two other chandeliers we love by Trella...
Dixie Chandelier
 Benedict Chandelier

about Studio Van den Akker
Studio Van den Akker offers bespoke furniture and lighting in the D&D Building in New York City.  Designed by Rob Copley and Sean Robins, they started the now infamous Van den Akker Antiques.  Keeping both feet firmly in both antiques and modern, custom designed furniture, the duo has honed their aesthetic well over time while taking inspiration by well made vintage and antiques.  Additionally, the studio represents several artisan-made brands in the design industry --- fabrics by Sequana and Martyn Thompson, lighting by Barrault et Philibert, designs from Pipim, James Bearden, Christian Heckscher, Kathryn Scott. 
Studio Van Den Akker showroom, D&D Building
photograph via AD magazine
Happy Nesting
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