Wednesday, December 6

Bake These Christmas Cookies--A Recipe Share on Nest by Tamara blog

Holiday Recipe Share:
Preparing For The Holiday Season, 
We Bake a Fragrant, Delicious Batch of Cookies
For an Old-Fashioned Cookie Trading Party

the hosts shared their homes, two apartments side by side to accommodate all the guests and their cookies
We rushed into the "holiday spirit" this year with a day-long baking extravaganza.  Today we share a favorite cookie recipe.  Originally, shared with my daughter by one of her best friends in high school.  The two girls walked to school each morning, and Gabby's friend often baked chewy, ginger cookies for them to nibble on for breakfast on the way to school.  The cookies bring back great memories.  With cardamom and cinnamon and ginger they have a bite, some spice and are not too sugar-y like many holiday cookies.  they seem perfectly poised to eat with a cup of piping hot tea.  We pulled this recipe out of the archives last weekend, and baked four dozen to share at a NYC-cookie sharing party.  We simply quadrupled the recipe--and wound up with six dozen cookies (some for the family to share)! 

I made the batter the night before and let it chill in the fridge, so the dough was nice and firm.  
The next morning we simply roll teaspoon-size balls then roll them in a bowl of raw sugar, and place them one inch apart on a large cookie sheet. They held up to the heat and kept their shape nicely when baked from being properly chilled.    Voila--delicious Christmas cookies with a bit of sugar crunch, but packed with a lot of flavor.
Sharing a Cookie Recipe...
pretty boxes we nabbed on Amazon, and topping  our nutmeg toile fabric pattern we made for this pretty table linen. 

 Now, take a look at this beautiful spread our hosts put together, and all guests shared their favorite recipes along with their cookies.  The hosts generously gifted us wrapped presents, and sent us home with our very own box of cookies and a recipe book to boot!
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara